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a tale of two valentine’s dresses

dress: BB Dakota (wearing a size 8 – size down!) // shoes: Ann Taylor // clutch: Old Navy // sunglasses: Forever 21

photos by Chelsea Francis

It’s finally here – my 2018 Valentine’s dress! In case you’re new around here, I’ve been buying myself a dress to celebrate my favorite holiday for the last six years. Part of my tradition is that I wear the dress to any weddings I attend that year, but mostly it all started as a way for me to show myself a little extra love in honor of a day I love so much. Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday. Growing up, my mom gifted me a stuffed animal every year (and has continued the tradition into my adult life!). In middle and high school, I always gave my girl friends Valentine’s gifts. This holiday has never really been about romantic love for me, but more about celebrating self-love and sisterhood. Basically, I invented Galentine’s! 😉

Alright, alright, onto what you’re here for – the dress! In case you weren’t following my dress saga on Instagram, let my fill you in. Back in December, I ordered this dress (in blush, no longer available) hoping it would be my dress for the big day. It finally arrived and was so wrong. I asked on Insta stories if I should exchange it for the correct size (wow was my understanding of UK sizing way off!) or if I should let it go and find something else. The votes were so split and I got extremely varied feedback from people whose opinions I trust. Specifically, Abby of Clothes & Pizza said I should go for a red dress, which I took to heart. I haven’t had a red dress since 2015 and since I had a pink dress last year, why not shake things up, right? Ultimately, I returned the dress and tried to let it go from my mind.

Thus begun my official dress hunt. I spent most evenings scrolling through dresses and ordered so many that I actually lost count. I ordered this dress in two sizes, this jumpsuit in two sizes, this dress in two sizes, this dress, plus some pink and red trousers that just didn’t feel right. Finally, I came across this one, which actually didn’t fit when I first ordered it. Coming down to the wire, I decided to re-order it in two more sizes along with the pink dress in two more sizes (SO MANY SIZES).

So here’s where we are: I love the dress in these photos. I’m going to get it altered to fit even better so I can love it even more. At this point, I think I’m keeping the pink dress too because it’s just so cool and unique and it makes me excited. What better way to honor myself than celebrating the two sides of my personality: practical + forward-thinking and bold + impulsive. Classic Gemini.

P.S. The real winner here is this pair of shoes! Velvet and hot pink? YES PLEASE. Only a few sizes left but keep an eye out because I bet some will come back in stock!

P.P.S. I also have the pink dress in a size 8 that didn’t work and was going to send it back, but if anyone wants to buy it off me, let me know!

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  • I’m so glad you kept this dress; it is so very lovely on you! Also, love your take on Valentine’s Day.

  • Kaity

    bright colors like this work SO WELL on you. you look so vibrant and happy!

  • steady catalog

    Let’s go on a taco date!! Love this outfit– the mix of the details on the dress paired with the velvet shoes is too pretty!! so glad you decided to keep the dress– the sleeves are killing me with cuteness!


  • Antonia

    I love you in bright red! You look especially happy and joyful in this dress, so I’m glad you kept it.

  • abbymilly

    Yassss mama you this dress looks so good on you! I love this orangey shade of red too—I feel like this shade looks really good on us on fair skin babes. Also, I feel like I never remember to do this, but ordering multiple sizes is kinda genius. Happy VDay my loooooove!

  • This one was my favorite of the two!! It looks amazing on you! And I LOVE those shoes. Omg.