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Valery’s velvet-on-velvet look and her style goals for 2018 made for one of my favorite posts so far this year.

I got some major Feel Good, Dress Better vibes from this piece from Grace on dressing well and feeling powerful.

Taylor filmed the cutest Come Thrifting With Me video and now I amĀ dying to get in a Savers with her!

Abby’s vintage Valentine’s look is giving me major inspiration for next year.

A great piece on understanding depression.

Free People is killing the shoe game! Those pink mules!

Looking for a ‘going out’ outfit that doesn’t look like you’re celebrating your 21st birthday? Jess has a brilliant outfit equation for you!

LOFT launched their plus size line this week! Would love to see more brands following in their footsteps.

I have a new favorite earring designer and I can’t decide what pair to get first.

A lot of the points in this piece resonated with my feelings on Kylie’s pregnancy video.

This is honestly one of the most beautiful engagement sessions I’ve ever seen. I was speechless scrolling through it!

Lots of new flirty little dresses from BB Dakota.

Austin gals – this Valentine’s date guide is for you!

So many skincare items were added to my wishlist after reading this!

I know we’re all thinking about spring (believe me, I certainly am!), but as winter boots start going on sale, use this 4-boot guide to help you prepare for next year.

Does the Madewell Transport Tote live up to the hype? What color/size would you get?

A little wishlist: these adorable pillows, this precious floral top, this colorful sweater, this pinafore romper, and this gingham dress.

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  • Forever obsessed with my Madewell Transport Tote! I have the english saddle color (goes with everything) and I literally just bought it in the small version too. Can’t wait to get it!

  • I’m catching up on posts and just have to say that I have the Madewell medium transport tote for work and it’s awesome!! I carry it every day! I didn’t get the large because I didn’t need that much space (plus I’m short and I thought it would overwhelm me).