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Boy howdy is it Friday! Did anyone else feel like this week was one day too long? I’m headed to Houston this weekend for some family time but hoping to get some relaxing done back on the couch in Austin too! In the meantime, here are some links to get you through the rest of the week.

If you read one of these links, make it this one.

A great guide to face masks from Kaylah and her really cute face.

Woven bags are one of my favorite trends for spring/summer 2018 and I’ve got heart eyes for like all of these.

Outfit goals from Chelsea, per uzsh.

I’m trying to choose one (or two…) pairs of these Madewell earrings and can’t decide. The orange tassels? The organic statement earrings? Halp!

I’m working on a post about podcasts you haven’t heard of (is this even something y’all are interested in?), but I loved this reader favorites roundup of podcasts from Jess! Since My Favorite Murder and 2 Dope Queens won’t make my list (since they’re both pretty popular), let me just give my two thumbs up for both picks!

I may be having trouble deciding between two Valentine’s dresses (did you see my Insta story?), but maybe what I should really be thinking about is what I’m going to wear underneath! 😉

Bookmarking these cold + flu shower melts for later (in hopes that I’ll never have to use them!).

I was already thinking about wanting to do a cool detail accent wall in our apartment and then saw what Noelle did with her staircase – I’m sold!

Speaking of home decor inspo, I’m totally copying Chloe’s hanging storage baskets. I’ve been looking for a purse and scarf solution and this is perfect!

Working from home, I basically live in sweats, regardless of the temperature outside. Thinking about adding one of these cute + colorful sweatshirts to help up my WFH game. #feelgooddressbetter, amirite?

Love these tips from Taylor for incorporating vintage into your style.

What do y’all think about this take on Instagram returning to its roots? I’m not sure what I think yet but am interested in hearing more perspectives!

I have three words for you: floral Dr. Martens.

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