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4 fun sweaters to make winter more bearable

photos by Chelsea Francis

Seeing as my style got a shake up last year, I decided to wait on buying winter clothes until I needed them so I could have a better sense of what I really wanted to wear. With my trip to Poland, and later Banff, looming, I finally had a reason to do some serious sweater shopping. After looking at the outfits I was most interested in wearing when I was in Portland last November and analyzing the stuff in my closet I never reached for on a cold day, I realized what you all probably could have easily predicted: I like fun sweaters.

I’ve tried to do the cute classic girl winter look (and didn’t even look so bad doing it!), but I just didn’t feel like me. The whole boho slouchy-chunky sweater business isn’t something I feel like myself in, but fitted little vintage outfits aren’t a comfy go-to either. So what was left when I ruled everything else out? Color. I have worn this mustard sweater probably 100 times in the year or so that I’ve owned it, so I made it my goal to find pieces I loved just as much.

If you’re feeling as gloomy and grey as the sun-less winter sky, maybe one of these fun sweaters will help you break out of your rut! That punk Punxsutawney Phil seems to think winter is here to stay, so make the rest of the season a little more bearable with a dose of color (and pom poms – lots of pom poms!) in your closet.

sweater: ASOS // jeans: Madewell // scarf: ASOS // sneakers: Nike // hat: Target (similar) // purse: Steven Alan c/o Shopbop

sweater: c/o Trove // jeans: Madewell // boots: Old Navy (similar) // earrings: c/o Gudbling // bag: Target (similar)

sweater: ASOS // jeans: Madewell // shoes: Ann Taylor // purse: vintage Coach via Pieceology Vintage // beret: ASOS (similar)

sweater: c/o Trove // jeans: Madewell // boots: Madden Girl // earrings: Meghan MacWhirter // purse: Ban.do

What pieces make you feel most like yourself in the winter? Which of these sweaters is your favorite?

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  • I adore each of these outfits so much (especially as someone in a cold region whose been stuck in the sweater+jeans routine). Its funny- the outfit you linked to as a more traditional outfit is cute and you are cute in it, but it didn’t look like you at all….but these all do. I think finding your personal style in different seasons can take time and you’ve managed it here beautifully.

  • Justina Kenyon

    That pink sweater is incredible and you make that outfit look awesome!
    I’m a sweater junky (I have an entire closet full of them), but I have two (one bright red, the other a burnt orange/red) that I could cycle through for the whole winter. One of those paired with some wide leg pants and I feel like I can take on the world.

  • I love that pom-pom sleeve sweater & the slightly ’90s vibe of the striped sweater!

  • Kaity

    I’m dying over that sweater with the pom pom sleeves 😍 and I love your outfit with the bright pink sweater and green beret! I think those are two colors that work so beautifully together.

  • These are ALL so fun!! It’s easy to get in a boring jeans and sweater rut, but I would happily wear each of these outfits.

    Priya the Blog

  • Jade Dsa

    It’s great that they’re so bright! Winter clothes are usually so drab!