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re-styled: from jeans to a skirt

photos by Chelsea Francis

It’s remix time again! I decided to do something a little different this time after getting responses to my last Instagram poll. It seems like y’all are pretty split down the middle when it comes to jeans vs. skirts: half of you are strictly jeans-wearers and half of you exclusively wear skirts and dresses. I think for both, there’s some hesitation to wear what you less frequently rock because you’re not sure if your closet is equipped to do both. To help you shake up your closet, I re-styled the same outfit for jeans and a skirt! Both of these outfits feature my favorite yellow sweater, my cognac mules, and my oversized tote. Think of them as seasonal transitions or day-to-night and read on to see how I got these ‘fits just right!

jacket: Madewell c/o Shopbop // sweater: H&M (current version) // jeans: Madewell // shoes: Madewell // bandana: Madewell // bag: Target

I wore this blue denim-on-black denim look to a coffee date recently and got so many sweet messages when I put it on Insta stories. This outfit is previously not something I would have blogged because it didn’t feel all that interesting, but I think there are some useful styling elements that I wanted to share! I know I rarely feel “put together” in a sweater and jeans, so I relied on a few layers and some color blocking power to feel complete. Adding a jacket and a neck scarf aren’t new tricks by any means, but I do think people forget they can do it! So here’s a reminder for you: if you’re feeling under-polished, you can do what? (Let’s say it together!) Add a jacket and neck scarf!

Outfit Two

sweater: H&M (current version) // skirt: ModCloth (similar) // shoes: Madewell // bag: Target // necklace: DIY

(Nearly) same outfit, different day. I could have definitely kept the jacket and neck scarf on for this season look (and have actually worn it that way!) but decided to let the skirt do the talking this time around. This velvet mini is neutral enough to be a closet staple, but the texture makes it a great statement piece when I let it shine. Also, this is a silly tip or maybe something everyone already does, but my new trick for achieving a cute front tuck like this is to literally just put the skirt on over the front part of my sweater and zip, rather than actually tucking it after the fact. I’ve found that it looks more natural/less forced and has that “oh this old thing?” unkempt vibe we’re all going for.

Are you a denim girl or do you prefer skirts and dresses? What’s your go-to for making an outfit feel more coordinated?

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  • I know for me, the jeans preference has everything to do with time of year. It rarely crack above 35 degrees in the winter and is windy as all #@$ so…. jeans. But I still love seeing the skirt look. Also- yeah, a lot of my friends have said they are confused about what to wear with a skirt (which I was really confused by because…. you can wear whatever you wear with jeans with a skirt), so showing how one item can work with both jeans and skirts seems really helpful.

    Also- I’ve been feeling a bit unpolished in sweater and jeans on constant rotation and like your advice about jackets/coats. Thanks!

  • Emma

    I’m in the ‘exclusively skirts and dresses’ camp. So you won’t be surprised to learn I prefer the second outfit. OK, it’s cold this time of year, but persist and you can acclimatize.