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Hi! How is your 2018 so far? I’ve been a little quiet around here since the year started and I’m so grateful to have the space to take that time for me. In honor of my word of the year, I’ve been taking things slow and resting as much as possible. It’s given me space to think about what I want – for myself, for this blog, for you. Funny how slowing down gives you a new sense of clarity, huh? Anyway, I’m going to keep taking things slow this month and probably the next, but it won’t be total radio silence around here. I’m working on some fun things that I’m excited about – which is a wonderful feeling in the midst of the heavy creative burnout I’ve been experiencing. In the meantime, I figure why not share what some of my favorites are sharing around the web, huh?

This is probably my favorite looking ahead at 2018 post I’ve seen – what to and to not care about in 2018.

And as far as looking back, I loved this post from Kaylah rounding up things she started using in 2017.

I also loved reading Caroline’s best pieces she bought last year.

Omgaaaah Kate Spade released a bunch of Valentine’s-themed products and ya girl is having to hold herself back.

Why is everyone not talking about Proud Mary? I saw *one* posted for the movie and got so stoked, but have seen hardly any promotion sense. That’s a problem.

Design nerds will think this news about Netflix is crazy cool!

Loafers are trending and these would be so cute for spring! Too soon?

This office tour (in Austin!) is EVERYTHING. Those wallpaper tassels!

Bookmark this post now – a legit guide on how to stop killing your houseplants.

I think I might be done buying sweaters for this season but if I were to buy another, it would be one of these!

This video Bianca made detailing all the things Instagram made her buy is one of the most clever post ideas I’ve seen! (Also – go follow her on Insta – she’s my fav!)

Lots of goodies in the Free People sale!

Do y’all know that I’m going to Poland next month? I’m going to Poland! For work! It’s going to be very cold (but somehow not as cold as I expected?), so I’m stocking up on a few cold weather things: a black tissue turtleneck, these heattech shearling leggings, these insulated weather boots, this cozy scarf, and this speckled beanie. Does anyone have recommendations for great gloves? Looking for something warm that also allows me to use my phone!

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  • Justina Kenyon

    I thought your last point said you were going to Portland and I couldn’t figure out why you were going to need to be so bundled in the PNW! Have so much fun!!

  • Taylor Westbrook

    Girl, you are not alone with the Kate Spade stuff. Love it!

  • Ohhhh, Poland sounds amazing!

  • Ugh, girl, you should have given me more warning! I would have knitted you gloves with the tech fingertips. As it is, go for a double-layer if you can, leather or vegan leather are too cold (though cute), stick to wool, and try to make sure it IS wool, not acrylic, as wool gets warmer if wet instead of making your fingers freeze and fall off.

  • Lee

    That is so cool you’re going to Poland!! Love these links, as always!

    Lee –