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Welcome to the first monthly small goals post of 2018! If you’re new around here or new to the small goal game, let me quickly fill you in. Every month, I (and a bunch of awesome people across the Internet!) set a handful of attainable, short-term goals that ultimately work towards big, overarching goals. I believe the best way to accomplish anything is to take small steps along the way. That’s really the heart behind this practice! I’ve been sharing my monthly small goals for four years and I’m excited to embark on the fifth!

Before getting into my goals for January, here’s how I did on my December goals:

1. No clothes shopping | Yes! Thankfully, I ordered a bunch of stuff over Cyber Weekend, so I had packages arriving throughout the month. I actually learned some interesting things about myself and my shopping habits that I can’t wait to share in an upcoming post!
2. Market Feel Good, Dress Better for the new year | Done! In case you missed it, there’s a discount code for the workbook at the end of this quiz!
3. Move gyms and actually go | Ugh, I set myself a reminder on my phone the day I made this goal and…I still get the reminder notification every morning. I swear I’m going to do it this week!
4. Read a new book | Ugh, part two. So I bought a book the day I wrote last month’s goals post and was so excited to read it after it finally arrived (I was in Houston for Dago’s mom’s surgery when it showed up so I had to wait). OH GOD the book is awful. Like, reads like it was written by a high school freshman. Needless to say, I did not read more than a couple of chapters. At the end of the month, I ordered Issa Rae’s book and just got it, so hopefully I’ll fly through that one!
5. Do some end-of-year reflection and new year prep | Done! You can check out my Word of the Year and my anti-bucket list for a little taste of my reflection!

Three outta five, baby! I’m happy to be setting goals for a brand new year. Here’s what I’m hoping to get up to!

1. Get my passport | I was supposed to do this last month, but the office ended up closing for the year once we were back from mama Dago’s surgery. It doesn’t open again until mid-January, but I already have an appointment set so I can’t miss it!
2. Switch gyms | I just need to do this! Putting it here for accountability. Maybe I’ll do ya one better and actually make it to the gym! 😉
3. Find my Valentine’s dress | It’s time to buy my annual Valentine’s dress! Every year I buy myself a dress to celebrate my favorite holiday and then wear the dress to any weddings I go to that year. I’ve got a few options I’m ordering to try on and I’m still on the hunt for The One.
4. Shoot my next capsule challenge | I’m working on putting together my next capsule closet challenge! What do you want to see this time around? I have some ideas for what I want to do, but of course want it to be the most helpful to you! How many pieces/outfits should I do? I did 10 pieces and 10 outfits last time. I could either do more this time, or do a couple of 10x10s for winter! Are there any particular items you want to see remixed? Let me know!
5. Rest more, multitask less | This one comes from my last therapy appointment of 2017. I’m still feeling pretty burnt out creatively, and it’s because I haven’t actually rested even though I’ve taken “breaks” from writing. Instead of getting a running start into 2018, I’m taking a cue from my Word of the Year and taking on January at a steady pace.

That’s it for me! If you’ve set some small goals for the month, join the link-up below and link back here to help your readers find more goal inspiration!

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