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4 j.crew tissue turtleneck outfits

I’m back today with another closet remix! After this J.Crew tissue turtleneck sat in my closet for a year, I decided it was time to figure out how to wear it. Turns out, I freaking love this thing! Not only does it go with everything, but it’s my number one layering piece. They don’t call it tissue for nothing; the shirt is super lightweight, making it perfect on its own for warmer winter days but thin enough to wear as a warm layer under sweaters. Since this piece has become such a closet staple, I thought I’d share four ways I’ve worn this striped turtleneck recently!

Outfit One

turtleneck: J.Crew // skirt: Gap (similar) // boots: Dolce Vita c/o Zappos // scarf: ASOS (similar) // purse: similar

all photos by Chelsea Francis

I wore this outfit on the last day of 2017 and loved it so much I had to wear it again so I could include it in my 2018 favorite outfits roundup. I don’t typically feel like the French girl styling is for me, but I think this outfit is as close as I can get while still looking like myself. I was inspired by Abby of Clothes and Pizza to tie this little red bandana over the turtleneck and by Jess from The Golden Girl to pair the red and camel together. Both of these are such fun combos that I can’t wait to incorporate into more outfits this year!

Outfit Two

turtleneck: J.Crew // dress: Old Navy // boots: Old Navy (similar) // purse: Ban.do // beret: ASOS // earrings: Meghan MacWhirter

If you follow my Instagram stories then you may have seen that I wore this outfit on New Year’s Eve! I saw this velvet dress on Priya and had to get it (don’t worry, I also bought it in yellow!). I was already wearing the turtleneck from having the outfit above on during the day, so I got the idea to just layer the dress on top a la my favorite outfit from 2014 (lol, seriously I still think about this look allthetime). This accessory combo makes me feel like a fashion genius and now I’m hoping that emerald and millennial pink become a thing because WOW they look great together. I don’t have a pair of flat black boots that I love, so I wore my grey Chelsea boots for comfort reasons and ultimately loved the slight contrast!

Outfit Three

cardigan: Old Navy (similar) // turtleneck: J.Crew // jeans: Madewell // shoes: Lotta from Stockholm // belt: Old Navy // bag: Target

Y’all asked for more jeans outfits on the blog, so I wanted to give you what you asked for! It’s not that I don’t wear jeans in real life – I totally do – but I tend to not think the outfits are particularly interesting. That said, I love this outfit so much! I don’t wear fitted tops such as this turtleneck very often, usually only to be tucked into skirts, so I went ahead and tucked it into my favorite jeans and I think that really makes the look. A few cognac details and my favorite cardigan layered on top and I’ve got a perfectly casual turtleneck look.

Outfit Four

turtleneck: J.Crew // trousers: ASOS // shoes: Madewell c/o Shopbop (similar) // purse: Ann Taylor (similar) // pin: Tuesday Bassen

Last one! I initially planned to only shoot three outfits but decided to challenge myself to make one more because I was feeling so inspired by my closet. These teal trousers are a favorite in my closet because they’re comfortable but make me feel both fashion-y and put-together. Something about this one has a little bit of an updated-Audrey Hepburn feel to me. I leaned into playfulness with the unexpected color combo of adding red with my purse and pin. I changed out wearing earrings and even tried a necklace and nothing was quite working, so I broke out one of the many enamel pins I’ve collected over the years and I think it’s the perfect accessory!

What’s your take on turtlenecks? Are they your go-to layering piece or have you been on the fence about how to style it? Are you anti-turtlenecks altogether? I want to know where you stand on this apparently controversial piece! Plus, I want to hear your styling ideas. Give me more inspiration for turtleneck outfits below!

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  • I love all of these outfits so much! Especially the subtle color blocking emerald/pink, teal/red, red/camel, and yellow/cognac. I have a black turtleneck that’s similar, but now I’m thinking I might need a striped one too!

  • I love the look of turtlenecks but have figured out they’re a waste of money *for me* because having them around my neck bothers me so much I never wear them. That said- you almost make me want to try them again. It is a very versitle top and they are all fun. My favorite is definitely the last two (because I need all the casual-but-still-fashiony-and-cute style inspo I can get). Those trousers are just so fun!

    Funnily enough, you posted a link about millianal pink a few weeks ago and it took me down the rabbit hole of reading about colors and a lot of color experts (who knew there was such a thing?) seem to think green may be the Next Big Thing since it does pair so well with pink. Of course, the yellow-beige type color seems big too and Purple is Pantone’s color of the year so who knows…. I just hope we see more green clothing items too!

  • Obsessed with those ASOS trousers on you!! The perfect color! xo

  • Marissa

    Oh my goodness, I got a JCrew tissue turtleneck around the time when I started my new job and I wear it ALL OF THE TIME. I haven’t really worn it in a cool way yet–mine is plain black, and usually gets the 1967-Avengers-Emma-Peel ~lewk~ with formfitting black pants and a cat eye–BUT I have plans to wear it with the yellow floral shift dress that has recently been in all of Old Navy’s advertising and space buns.

    I’m really loving the turtleneck + velvet dress combo on you!! Tres chic and so you. Maybe I need to get another tissue turtleneck that isn’t plain black for layering with all of my black dresses….

  • Lee

    I have a similar turtleneck from target and I wear it CONSTANTLY! I love love love a good turtleneck.

    Lee – leethrifts.com

  • OK, I looooove that third outfit. I tend not to like the way I look in turtlenecks, but these outfits make me want to try again…

  • The Adored Life

    I read this yesterday but I didn’t have time to comment! Anyway, I’ve never worn a tissue turtleneck but I can definitely see why you love them! Question – what kind of bra do you wear with them because I have an issue with them showing the outline!

    The Adored Life

  • I am pro-turtleneck and pro all of these outfits! You are especially rockin’ that French-inspired look with the neckerchief.

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  • I need a tissue turtleneck immediately!!!

    Now I’m wishing I bought this dress in black, but I specifically was like, no, I need to get this in a fun color instead. Love all of these looks but I think my favorite is #2, you really are a style star with those accessories!!

    Priya the Blog