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With just a few days until we wish 2017 adieu (and good riddance!), it’s about time I share my anti-bucket list for the year! For those unfamiliar with it, an anti-bucket list documents all the things you already did, rather than the things you hope to do. Putting this list together has become one of my favorite end-of-year traditions (see lists from 2016 and 2015). Especially after a year as taxing and oftentimes hopeless-feeling as 2017, looking back on the victories big and small does a major reset on my outlook before the new year begins.

After a trip down memory lane of the last year, here’s my anti-bucket list for 2017:

Completed 46 out of 60 monthly small goals

Published 136 blog posts and recorded 64 podcast episodes

Started producing premium podcast content on Patreon (23 of those 64 episodes were on our premium account!)

Wrote a 90-page workbook about personal style, body positivity, and building a sustainable closet (maybe you’ve heard of it!)

Traveled to eight new places, seven of which were out of the state of Texas (Nashville, New Orleans, Seattle, Oklahoma City, Waco, Palm Springs, Asheville, Portland)

Took a fun and relaxing trip to Port Aransas to celebrate our sixth(!!) anniversary

Spoke at three wedding photography workshops for work and moderated a panel for Feel Good, Dress Better

Joined a gym and went to my first cycling class

Started practicing tarot and learning about the moon

Bought a new bed and mattress

Went back to therapy

Moved my blog of six years from Blogger to WordPress

Watched 20 movies in theaters (my goal!)

Modeled for Luella’s summer lookbook and in ModCloth’s July #styleforall campaign and was featured on Urban Outfitters’ blog

Hosted events at ModCloth, Madewell, and ESPEROS

Collaborated on a t-shirt design for Everyday Unicorns

Helped one of my best friends find her dream wedding gown

Ate brunch at least 30 times and tried a bunch of new restaurants in Austin and beyond

Met so many incredible people through work and blogging


2017 was a rough year for a lot of reasons, but seeing this list all together gives me hope for my 2018 goals. I’ll be sharing my word for the year next week (check out 2017’s word here), so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, tell me a few of your favorite anti-bucket list items for the year!

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  • Wow! I love the idea of this list but I’m also just really impressed with all the things you did. Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see what you word of the year will be (PS your link to the 2017 word isn’t there).

  • I love your year-end posts: further proof that SO MUCH can happen in a year. Lots accomplished, and I can’t wait to see what your 2018 word is! Hugs, lady 🙂

  • You killed it, lady!! So excited to see what you get up to next year 🙂


  • GIRL, YOU KILLED IT. Here’s to a happy, healthy, equally successful 2018! <3

  • This is such a good idea! You crushed 2017, Nicole!