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photo by Chelsea Francis, before our photo shoot got rained out

Happy Friday! It snowed in Austin yesterday and pretty much the whole town is shut down now. I’ll take my Christmas vibes where I can get ’em! This was one of those weeks where I had a lot on my plate but didn’t get all that much done. Luckily, it’s almost the weekend, so I get to try again in a few days. In the meantime, here’s some links to get you through the last bit of your week!

This article is exactly how I feel about TIME’s cover for Person of the Year.

Kesha on self-care during the holidays, especially if you struggle with mental illness.

Alissa shared her fall/winter purchases and I’m obsessed! Should I share mine?

Speaking of which, this dress was my last online order before my clothes shopping freeze. Fingers crossed!

Star earrings are having a m o m e n t and I want a pair!

Six illustrations inside an introvert’s brain.

I literally look at weddings all day for a living but still soaked up every photo and word of Cathy’s elopement recap post! Congrats, girl!

A PSA from 14-year-old girls.

I know it’s boots season but all I want to wear are slip-on sneakers. Luckily, there are some seriously cute pairs to choose from!

Grasie got candid about her struggle with infertility. I find these stories so important and I’m grateful to the women like Grasie who share them.

Unique home goods to gift (or get for yourself).

I’m a beauty dummy so I found these makeup charts super helpful!

These silk sleep masks would make great stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts!

Some cold-weather outfits to covet + copy fromĀ Olivia, Sade, Priya, Tieka, Sarah, and Kimi.

Since I’m not shopping for clothes this month, here’s a little home goods wishlist: this modern cheeseboard, this blanket basket, these monogram pillows, this fuzzy throw, and this cheeky neon sign.

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  • Bailey Bounds

    YES, just yes, to the article summarizing how you feel about the TIME article. My first thought was I love Taylor, and I’m not devaluing what she did, but what about Kesha?And of course my list went on, but Kesha popped into my head first. Thank you for sharing that link :). I’ve been needing something to share with my particularly male friends to explain what I mean when I ask why Taylor.

    • Yes, totally! It’s true that Taylor has been a victim of sexual harassment, but she is absolutely not the face of this movement (nor has she ever wanted to be). I also thought of Kesha and was disappointed to not see her on the cover, but even more I was upset and angry to see Tarana Burke as one of the women since she actually started the me too movement. I know she’s credited and featured in the magazine, but the optics of having her on the cover would have been so much better. I still think if they needed a recognizable pop star to put on there who really is the face of this movement, Kesha would be a great choice, along with Gabrielle Union, Lupita, Terry Crews, etc. Taylor only even got “involved” because the dj sued her first.

  • I’m glad that star earrings are coming back because that’s all I’ve been wearing lately, haha! (A constellation in one ear and a little star in the other. SO CUTE.) PS: Not sure if I’ve commented since your blog design overhaul, but it looks SO GOOD GIRL!!! xoxox