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Whew. We’ve made it. It’s the last month of 2017 and I feel busier than ever, but a new, shiny year also feels within reach! Like many of you, I’ve been feeling exhausted for much of this year, but something about a new year in sight has me feeling a little lighter and more motivated lately. In November, I traveled to Portland and the Oregon coast for work, moved my entire site over to WordPress by myself, found a new therapist and had two really fantastic appointments, spent too much money on Black Friday, helped my sweet friend find a wedding dress, finished a book, celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends, worked a few late nights, and saw a couple of movies. In between all of that craziness, I did my best to make some progress on my goals.

Here’s a look back at November’s small goals:

1. Get my passport | In progress, but not done yet. Finally getting my birth certificate from my parents and getting my photo done this week!
2. Being the process of switching over to WordPress | Done – you’re lookin’ at it! You can read a little about the switch here.
3. Plan my content for the rest of 2017 | Done! Stay tuned for some fun outfit posts, some tips on managing anxiety and staying body positive during the holidays, and some end-of-year wrap up!
4. List items on Poshmark | Ughhh, no. Going to try again in December!
5. Unplug more |  Done! I spent significantly less time on my phone this month, especially Instagram, and it’s amazing how much better I feel.

Three out of five isn’t bad! I simultaneously feel like I got so much more done than that and so much less. Anyway, onto the last monthly small goals of 2017

1. No clothes shopping | I haaaate shopping freezes but also really need this one, so no clothes shopping for me in December! To curb my shopping, I’m moving all my shopping apps to another page on my phone. Hoping that helps!
2. Market Feel Good, Dress Better for the new year | I always feel a little weird making my workbook-related goals public here, but I also know that this is how I keep myself accountable.
3. Move gyms and actually go | I realized that there’s a Planet Fitness closer to me than the one I’m registered at, but haven’t taken the step to move my membership (or go to the gym…since signing up officially). Time to get back on the saddle…err…elliptical!
4. Read a new book | In an effort to continue unplugging, I’m going to try to finish a new book this month! I’ve recently gotten in listening to audio books while I work, but want to get something good to read over the holidays. I just finished this and I have this on its way to me as we speak!
5. Do some end-of-year reflection and new year prep | My awesome friend Maggie just launched a 2018 planning worksheet set that I’m so excited to get started on. I also see some vision boarding and 2017 recap journaling in my near future!

Your turn! What are you hoping to accomplish in the last month of 2017? Share your own small goals by joining the link-up below or leaving a comment. If you link up, be sure to let people know where to find more monthly small goal goodness!

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  • The Adored Life

    December is always such a blur for me so I always try to be somewhat realistic with myself and I love that your goals seem totally doable!

    The Adored Life

  • Lisa Kaminski

    I love a good read in December. It feels like such a great way to unwind during a hectic time. I listened to “In a Dark Dark Wood” by Ruth Ware last December, and it was such a good winter listen!

  • I feel like the WordPress switch is probably a whole slew of goals in and of itself, so I’m so impressed you tackled that one AND two others! I’ve always been curious about making that switch, although I’m nowhere near ready. 🙂 I’m looking forward to doing some end of year reflection and 2018 prep this month too!

  • I just realized I hadn’t seen any posts from you in awhile, & it turns out I was unsubscribed on Feedly! I wonder if this had anything to do with the WordPress transition? Just a heads up – but hopefully it was just a fluke.

  • steady catalog

    Something that might help with curbing the shopping is unsubscribing from newsletters. I did this back in the summer, which meant that I missed a lot of the build up of sale notifications for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and that truly helped me to stay in check with my budget!

    Good luck!!

  • Unplugging is so hard for me. Good for you for making progress on that goal!