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Happy November and hello from Portland! I’m on the Oregon coast this week for work, so if my Instagrams look a little less like Austin than usual, that’s why!

I cannot believe we’re only two months out from 2018, but to be honest, I’m pretty ready for a new year! October was a busy month (as you’ll see from my goals) that both felt too short and too long. The 31 days did give me quite a bit of clarity on what I want, or at least that I don’t know yet what I want concerning certain things.

1. Host my first Feel Good, Dress Better panel | Done! It was such a blast and I’m so grateful for the amazing women in my life who both joined me on the panel and who attended.
2. Go back to therapy | Done! I had two appointments with a new therapist and I’m not actually sure how I feel about her, so I’m going to do some more research and give a few more therapists a try this month.

3. Scale back on blogging a bit | Done! I feel really good about my new blogging goals and schedule.
4. Get back into Poshmark | Fail. Every time I tried, the light in my apartment was so bad. Womp womp.
5. Upgrade our bed | DONE! This is honestly one of the most exciting things we’ve done in years. Life = changed.

Four! Out! Of! Five!!! It felt so good accomplishing all of this, y’all. Feeling ready to take on November!

1. Get my passport | I have two (count ’em! two!) international trips early next year, so it’s time to get my passport!
2. Being the process of switching over to WordPress | I’ll write about this more when it happens, but I’m finally ready to make the switch after six years. Anyone done this before? I have a feeling I’m going to need some help…
3. Plan my content for the rest of 2017 | That’s right – content for the rest of the year! With scaling back on blog posts, I think planning an editorial calendar for two months will be super easy and pretty low-stress. If you have any posts you’d like to see, feel free to shout them out below or send me a message!
4. List items on Poshmark | Since I didn’t get this done in October I really need to do it this month! Stay tuned, I’ve got some great pieces I’m going to list.
5. Unplug more |  If there’s one thing my therapist caught onto immediately, it’s that I’m tired. I love the Internet but it’s clear I could use a little more time offline.

Now it’s your turn! Share your own November goals below and be sure to let your readers know where to find more goal goodness!

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