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Wow, this week has been over-the-top nuts! I was playing catch up at work all week, started seeing (another) new therapist (more on this soon), and then decided that 9pm on Wednesday night sounded like a great time to start moving my site from blogger to WordPress. As you can see (and may have heard on Insta stories), I didn’t get very far – so don’t go clicking around yet – but I had too many good links I wanted to share so I stayed up again on Thursday night to bring them to you. And without further ado…

I’m grateful for women on the Internet like Leandra Medine and her recent pregnancy announcement is exactly why.

Planning to share a little winter wishlist here soon and Priya’s red sweater is right at the top of the list!

From fellow Austin babe Liz – Please don’t praise me for being thin.

These lace-up boots are practical and cute!

This is the craziest story I’ve maybe ever read and it kept me totally entranced while I was stuck at the airport last week.

Your holiday party accessory search is over.

Grace’s piece about how to be single is one of my favorite reads this year. Single or not, I highly recommend this one!

Run, don’t walk, to this post about drugstore Korean beauty buys!

Some solid blazer inspiration for my 9-5 ladies.

The sweetest little travel bags for all your upcoming trips this season. (Psst! These would make great gifts, too!)

Your Stranger Things (yes, I’m still obsessing) character, according to your zodiac sign.

A little wishlist: a cheery pom hat, this pretty shiny skirt, this fashion-forward sweatshirt, this striped sweater, and this velvet midi dress.

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  • I had read *about* but not yet read Leandra Medine’s pregnancy announcement. Great piece: just goes to show we’ve all got our battles and appearances are rarely a whole picture. Thank you so much for the love on my link 🙂 and the new site looks GREAT: so glad the great WP migration was successful! Hugs!!