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10×10 colorful fall capsule | the recap

I always love when others bloggers share a recap of their capsule challenges, so I wanted to be sure to share my thoughts on the experience and give you a chance to see all 10 looks together. I’m so glad I decided to put together this capsule, both for myself and for the blog. I obviously got a bunch of fun outfit inspiration out of it, making getting dressed way easier over the last month or so. Ultimately, I wanted to create this capsule for the blog to prove that a closet limited in items doesn’t have to also be limited in color, print, or style. Trends and statement pieces can be versatile and bring a dose of joy into wearing clothes.

Ready to see all 10 outfits in one place?

The Whole Shebang

all photos by Chelsea Francis

The Pieces

  1. Similar Bell-Sleeve Blouse
  2. Similar Button-Front Skirt
  3. Similar Yellow Cardigan
  4. Same Navy Contrast Collar Striped Top
  5. Same Pink Contrast Collar Striped Top
  6. Same Denim Jacket
  7. Same Floral Trousers
  8. Same Teal Trousers
  9. Similar Yellow Blouse
  10. Similar Wide-Leg Cropped Denim

Favorite Outfits

I can tell these were my favorite outfits because I’ve repeated them all a handful of times, especially the top one. I feel like myself in all three and I think the proportions and color mixing were both really aesthetically pleasing.

Least Favorite Outfits

On the other hand, I feel like the proportions and color mixing have everything to do with why I don’t love these looks. All of them are passable and would probably even be super cute on someone else, but they just didn’t do anything for me personally.

The pants were a little too long in the first outfit and I feel like blouse and collar are too precious for the pants. The second and third outfits mostly suffered because I have a few issues with the shape of the jeans now that I’ve seen them photographed. I think if the flared a bit more at the bottom or were wider through the thigh I might like them more, but off to another home they go! (That’s a fun result of doing a capsule challenge too — finding out whether you really like or don’t like something by forcing yourself to wear it!)

Colorful Capsule Takeaways

1. Be mindful of your color choices. One of the things that I think made this capsule work was the color palette. I used two shades of yellow, a magenta and burgundy, navy/denim and teal, and black and tan. All of these colors can be found in (or complement the colors of) one of the two floral print pieces I used — the tie-waist trousers and bell-sleeve blouse. I recommend starting your capsule with one or two printed/multi-colored items as your base and building out from there!

2. Choose a blend of dressy and casual pieces. I’m not even sure I realized I did this until Priya mentioned it in a comment, but this capsule works because there are a few inherently fancied and more casual pieces that helped dress up or down each outfit. The key to a wearable capsule is being able to, well, wear it, no matter the occasion. No, I don’t have anything here that would be appropriate for a company holiday party, but there are outfits that could be worn to Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws, brunch with the girls, date night, or to speak on a panel (all things I did in the last month!). Versatility is as much about being able to wear something different ways as it is for different occasions. If you’re putting together your own capsule, think ahead about what kind of events you might have coming up and pick your pieces accordingly!

3. Utilize accessories to transform your looks. I didn’t include my shoes, purses, or jewelry in my 10 items, which gave me freedom to change the affect of each outfit, especially when I repeated it. These particular outfits include seven different pairs of shoes and five purses, which seems like a lot, but I really liked having options to give each look its own distinct look. For pretty much any outfit, I could have used at least one other shoe/purse combo and still look put together and intentional.

4. Keep at least half of your capsule solid if the other half is print. I went four print to six solid pieces this round, which wasn’t really intentional, but ended up working nicely. I could have easily swapped the denim jacket for a navy gingham blouse (something I almost did) and had half and half prints/solids and still had an easy enough time styling 10 outfits. However I think one more print than that would have thrown off the capsule and made it tough to make cohesive outfits that really worked.

What did you think about this series? Would you be interested in seeing more remix challenges or capsules? What are your favorite and least favorite looks? Any big takeaways you got from this challenge that I didn’t mention? Let me know!

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  • Samantha Nicole

    I think I might try this out soon! Especially because I’m quitting my job and access to borrowing clothes won’t be a thing anymore!! I’ll probably be back to tell you how it goes haha!

  • Bethany Hope

    I absolutely love learning more about how I can use and style a wardrobe piece more than one way. Whenever I shop, I almost won’t buy something no matter how cute it is, if I can only wear it with one outfit. Thank you for the capsule and remix posts! Love them! And I really appreciate how transparent and authentic you are.

  • I love this. I’ve been reading about capsules and 10×10 challenges for a few years now, and while I have loved most of the outfits and styles I’ve seen there is a certain…. tendency, I guess, for them to all be a certain aesthetic (that very simple, but elegant-because-everything-is-handmade-and-200-dollars-a-piece look). Seeing more colorful and on-trend looks be able to work as a capsule is so informative. I really like all the looks, but can see why the jeans weren’t your favorite.

    You just finished a capsule challenge, but I admit I already want to see another (or rather more remixing. I miss remixing in blogging. Not sure why it seems like it isn’t done much anymore). It is amazing how different each piece looks and there are so many ways you wear the items. Seems a shame ot only see one or two o those ways.

  • I have really loved this series and it’s inspired me to give it a try after the holidays! I can definitely get stuck in style ruts and feel like I don’t use items I love as often as I’d like. I can definitely see this helping me figure out what can stay and what needs to go. Just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s for me. I also loved the color palate you chose (give me all the mustard yellow please!).

  • Way to go girl! Still the funnest dang capsule I’ve ever seen.

    Priya the Blog

  • Such a fun & bright capsule! I actually love that top outfit that you’ve dubbed one of your least favorites, but I really like all of them.