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Welcome, October! September felt like both a long and short month, mostly because I was traveling for half of it. I spent the first week of the month in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree on a bit of an impromptu vacation, while last week was spent in the mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina for work. I’m having some serious summer camp-esque homesickness from my work trip at the moment! I miss waking up to all the amazing people at The Photo Rehab conference in our shared camp. Being around 50+ creative souls was exactly what I needed. In last month’s small goals post, I mentioned feeling exhausted and unmotivated. I don’t yet feel cured of my lethargy, but I think my goals this month will move me towards that path.

Before getting into my October goals, here’s how I did in September:

1. Enjoy my freaking vacation | Done! All my travel in September got me a little behind on blogging, but would y’all still want a little Palm Springs and Joshua Tree recap post?
2. Go to the gym every week that I’m in Austin | Not quite. I actually only went once in September, but I blame it on adjusting from jet lag the week I came back from California. I wanted to go to the gym, but I wanted sleep more!
3. Choose a new Personal Style ID | Done-ish. I came up with a new ID that I think fits better, but I’m not totally in love with it yet, so this is a work in progress. My new (if temporary) ID: colorful comfy chic. More on this soon!
4. Drink more water | I knew I would inevitably forget about one goal, and this was the one! Traveling makes drinking enough water tough. Womp womp.
5. Do one big marketing push for FGDB | Done-ish! This goal actually ended up being about planning something fun for October rather than September, but I blame that on travel. I’ll share more about what I’ve got planned below!

3/5 isn’t bad for a month where I was only home 1/2 the month! Here’s what’s on deck for October:

1. Host my first Feel Good, Dress Better panel | I’m super excited to share that I’ve partnered with ESPEROS SOHO and four of my favorite female business owners for an event all about how FGDB can help women improve their businesses by investing in their closets! The event, called Feel Good, Dress Like a Boss, will take place on October 17 from 6-8 at ESPEROS SOHO on 2nd St. You can get all the deets and RSVP here!

2. Go back to therapy | It’s been just over a year since I took a break from therapy, but I’ve decided it’s time to go back. I’m going on three or so months of feeling the way I do, both as far as being unmotivated and in terms of struggling with my self-esteem, and I know that therapy can help me with both of these things. I actually started feeling better as soon as I made the decision to go back, so I’m looking forward to setting up some appointments and finding the right therapist for my current needs!

3. Scale back on blogging a bit | Ugh, this one is so tough, but I think it’s something I need to do. I’ve actually been considering taking a whole month off due to burnout, but I don’t think I’m ready to be away for a whole month yet. Instead, you’ll see me a little less here and on social this month so I can both spend more time promoting the workbook and just enjoying my life offline.
4. Get back into Poshmark | I took a little Poshmark break while I was traveling, but have a ton of stuff to list! I’ve got a bunch of fall stuff I’ve been waiting to post once it got a little more seasonably appropriate, so stay tuned for that by following me on Poshmark!
5. Upgrade our bed | This has been a birthday bucket list goal of mine for a couple of years and I’m SO excited that it’s finally happening! I had no idea that Wayfair sold mattresses until one of my coworkers bought one last month. I’ve had a lot of luck with the quality of their other products and my coworker is super happy with the mattress she bought, so we’re going that route for both a new mattress and bed. All I can say is it’s about damn time!

Your turn! Add your October small goals below either in the comments or by joining the link-up!

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