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How about some link love, huh? I know I said I’m going to scale back on blogging this month and this is my third post this week, but I’ve got so many links saved up to share that I promise putting this post together isn’t as involved as it usually is!

I really appreciated Grace getting candid about the ways in which bloggers do or don’t acknowledge serious topics in this post. In the past, I’ve been very vocal about my beliefs, especially politically, on the blog, but these days I tend to take to Twitter and talk on my podcast about these things. On one hand, I don’t feel like I should have to post on every platform, but I also don’t want my readers/community to think I’m purposely avoiding certain topics on my blog. Sometimes I do actively want my content to be an escape from the terrible things going on. I think because I personally follow so many people commenting on news and trauma that others might also feel a bit inundated with it. I know there’s one right answer, but it helped me a lot to read Grace’s post.

Olivia (whose blog got a marvelous face lift!) wrote about her October shopping freeze. Maybe I’ll give this a try again in November?
I’m feeling super inspired by Caroline’s fall starter kit. I’m thinking about doing a little fall capsule to start the season and help me figure out what my closet actually needs before just shopping a bunch.
Every corner of Chelsea’s home is chic comfort to the max – even her kitchen and dining room!
Do you struggle to keep your home tidy? Have you ever thought that instead of changing your habits, you should change your habitat?
Summer may be ending, but my desire to wear cute jumpsuits lives on and on.
Y’all. How hot does Valery look in this Grease-meets-goth outfit??
Basically every female character written by a man, ever.
Whether you’re familiar with Rupi Kaur or not, this profile is a must-read.
I have such a huge crush on these flats and can’t decide what color I want! Black? Blush? Help?
I’ve been searching for a perfect cauliflower and leek soup recipe for what feels like years and then A Beautiful Mess just randomly publishes one and OMG I can’t wait to make it.
Rachel dropped 10 truth bombs about fashion blogging.
So many ruffle sweaters, so little time!
A little wishlist: this blush sweater, this leather wrap skirt, these printed tie-waist pants, this vegan backpack, and this classic midi skirt.
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