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This has been an incredibly devastating week as a Texan. Houston is Dago’s hometown and the city where so many of my loved ones live. We were just in Rockport and Port Aransas for our anniversary in June. My heart has been so heavy for the last week as I waited for updates on family and friends who are just a few hours away, and yet I can’t be there with them physically due to the flooded highways. This isn’t the kind of situation where a silver lining is really appropriate, because people’s lives have been entirely uprooted, but it has lightened my heart to see our state (and country, too!) come together for Texans in need.

I know many of you have probably already donated, but in case you happened to get paid today like I did, I wanted to share some resources where your donations will reach the people of Houston and Southeast Texas. I know the American Red Cross makes donations easy, but your money will likely never reach the people you’re trying to help because their administrative costs eat up the majority of the donations they receive, plain and simple. If you are going to give, please consider donating to a local organization (especially to non-Houston cities that have been affected! They are smaller and receiving less attention, but also have less access to resources to rebuild)!

Okay – I know I needed a break from Harvey updates, and I bet you do too. It’s okay to take breaks from seeing and reading about tragedy. It doesn’t mean you don’t care, it means you’re sustaining yourself so you can keep caring – because these people are going to need our help for months to come. That said, here are some links to read on your break:

The best vegan brunch spots in Austin from the resident vegan of my heart, Mia!

Do you love interior design and the show Master of None? This is your dream interview!

Three things I just can’t get enough of: body positivity, ModCloth, and these photos of Valery!

More body positivity via the lovely Kaylah – I legit shouted HECK YES so many times while reading this post!


All the pretty tassel jewelry you need for fall.

A therapist’s guide to setting boundaries (and how to actually keep them!).

5 tips for being your best self at work + some seriously cute power pants.
Gonna need to copy Tieka’s casual outfit ASAP.

This weekend was a sudden reminder that I really need a pair of rainboots. Do you have a favorite brand? I’ve always had my eye on Hunter Boots, but can’t decide on a color and have never actually tried a pair on!

I’ve met most of my friends through the Internet in some capacity and I can’t wait to meet this darlin’ in person when she comes to visit Austin soon!

Can you believe it’s been a decade since Gossip Girl first aired?

Eyeing a pair of wide-legged jeans? Mara shared a great tip this week for how to style them!

The prettiest summer-to-fall outfit you ever did see.

It’s back to school time and this is how I wish all school dress codes read.

A wishlist doesn’t feel appropriate, so instead tell me something fun you’re up to this weekend! As for me, I’m heading to PALM SPRINGS!

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