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I got to partner with Urban Outfitters on a fun project this month for the launch of their new collection of Kipling bags! I’m featured in an interview on Urban’s blog alongside a few awesome creative women in Austin and some gorgeous photos by my girl Chelsea!
I saw Ingrid Goes West last weekend and have mixed feelings. It’s a great movie, but it was hard to watch – I hate cringing at things and there’s a lot of awkward! The best part, though, is that I’ve had some interesting conversations about social media and specifically Instagram. Loved this post from The Cut interviewing influencers on their reactions to the movie.

I have a new favorite blogger and I couldn’t pick just one of her posts to share, so here’s three: why it’s important to make time for yourself, three things she learned from other women about dressing, and, my favorite, a reminder that pretty isn’t the most important thing.

Some (hilarious) thoughts on trend obsessions and the items we loved but never bought.
Do my favorite skirt, sweater, and shoes qualify me as being ahead of the curve on the next major color?
I was shocked to learn that Lilly Pulitzer the woman was so different from what we think of Lilly Pulitzer the brand!
This outfit on Chelsea is literal perfection.
Self-care tips for busy work weeks.
Those on the job hunt – these self-care tips are for you!
This takes “personalizing your office” to a whole new meaning.
Amandla Stenberg created a video for teens with anxiety (but I think it’s perfect for adults too!). You can read more about it here.
Fashion Week isn’t something I really think is for me, but I really loved reading Courtney’s candid Q&A about it! If you’ve ever wanted to go, as a blogger or a fan, I highly recommend bookmarking this one!
This cat is the size of a baby panda and I’m in love.
Is it weird to describe a whole blog post as your aesthetic? Asking for a friend. (But really, Julia, take me with you next time!)
Grace did her very own Vogue-inspired 73 Questions video and I just think it’s the cutest thing ever.
A little wishlist: this floral kimono, this embroidered shirt, these comfy-looking heels, this fun jacket, and these burgundy jeans.
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