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Happy Friday! This was a weird week, but luckily we have the Internet to get us through, amirite?

Kesha’s new album is out today and she also gifted us with this essay about how Rainbow came to be.

Basically all my feelings about that Bachelorette finale.

OMG Elsie and Emma had their mom write a blog post about how she fostered creativity in them as kids – SO sweet!
Alissa talks about what an asset a statement dress is at the office. (Oh yeah, and she shows off a certain asset, if ya know what I mean!)
Bad days happen to the best of us (oh, lordy, do they!). I needed + appreciated Grace’s openness about her recent bad day and the steps she took to remedy it (they may not be what you expect!).
Fall is the perfect time to switch out your crossbody for this year’s hottest bag trend: backpacks!
Speaking of trends, I’ve planned so many cute fall outfits around baseball caps – velvet and denim and wool, oh my! Get your styling inspiration from Priya!
Oh, you know, just Chelsea living my dream at these colorful walls.
Every woman deserves an outfit that makes them feel as comfortable and beautiful as Tieka is in this one!
This body posi beach trip is a dream (and what each woman had to say to their body-shamers is incredibly important).
Is there such a thing as a magpie who’s drawn to vibrant things instead of sparkly ones? That’s how I feel about these colorful baubles!
Valery’s got five tips for transitioning your favorite summer outfits to fall.
A wishlist for the weekend: this blush blouse in a surprising print, possibly the cutest tiered dress I’ve ever seen, a veggie-print skirt, this precious wristlet, and this rainbow button cardigan.
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