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Well, hello, July! June was absolutely the best month of 2017 so far, so I have high hopes for July to be more of the same! Though, between the workbook launch and two vacations in June, July has a lot to live up to. Speaking of June, here’s how I did on those small goals:

1. successfully launch Feel Good, Dress Better | DONE! I cannot believe the response I’ve received so far. I’m very thankful for my community that has celebrated and shared the workbook
2. no shopping | Not a win, but also not nearly the fail it could have been!
3. be more present | Does it count if I thought a lot about how I needed to be more present? Truly, I think I was pretty successful at this, but can always do better. There were days where I didn’t look at my phone for hours on end, and days where I was pretty much attached to it. The biggest success was turning off “like” notifications on Instagram, which severely cut down on my distraction.
4. get the heck out of Austin | Done x2! I went to Port Aransas and then to OKC and everything was wonderful. Here’s to more weekend trips!
5. repot my plants | Total fail. However, I decided instead that maybe it’s time to say goodbye to my not-really-living houseplants and replace them with actually-not-living houseplants. My friend Denise alerted me to some gorgeous faux plants at Home Goods, so I bought a very pretty and real-looking (Dago even commented on being worried about its placement in low light – he didn’t realize it was fake!) replacement for my snake plant. Very pleased with my stress-free upgrade!

Three-ish out of five? We’ll call it that, but I feel good about the outcome of my June goals overall! With that out of the way, here’s what I hope to get done in July: 

1. meet my sales goal for Feel Good, Dress Better | I’ll be honest, I’m having a hard time thinking of goals beyond this because it is so much my focus right now and I want to dedicate as much attention to it as possible.
2. meet my sales goal on Poshmark | June was the first month this year that I didn’t sell anything on Posh, but it was entirely because I didn’t try. All of my attention was on the workbook, and it didn’t help that I was out of town and unable to ship anything for a portion of the month. I’m ready to get back on the train though! I’ve got a bunch of fun goodies to add this month too, so that’s going to help a lot! (P.S. Check out my Poshmark selling tips here and my closet here!)
3. work on a marketing plan for FGDB | I have some people + publications I want to reach out to about sharing the workbook, but haven’t given it the time it deserves to do it right. I’m struggling with balancing the blog and workbook promo at the moment, so I’m hoping this helps!
4. spend time at the pool | Our apartment complex finally finished renovating our pool and I haven’t had a chance to get in it yet! I want to spend as much of July in the pool as possible.
5. institute no-spend days | To try to curb some of my unnecessary spending, I’m going to give no-spend days a try – inspired by my friend Kara at bravely! I think I’m going to like this method and I’m interested to see how much of a difference it can make.

Your turn! Share your goals in the comments or join the link-up by adding your own blog post below! If you’re linking up, don’t forget to link back here so your readers can find more awesome goals to get inspired by!

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