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It may not technically be August yet, but I’ve got a running start on my small goals for the new month! July was a pretty good month, both as far as goals are concerned and considering all the fun I got up to beyond what I set out to do. I tried Soul Cycle for the first time (also my first time in an exercise class!), took a quick trip to Waco with friends, did a reading from Feel Good, Dress Better at ModCloth for their 15th birthday weekend, and so much more! Despite being super busy, I managed to make time for (most of) my July small goals – here’s how I did!

1. meet my sales goal for Feel Good, Dress Better | It’s complicated, but ultimately yes! Basically, I started off the month with what I learned was an absurd sales goal (less optimistic, more unrealistic), but after more research, talking to smart friends, and working on goal #3, I adjusted my goal and exceeded it! Remember – it’s never too late to adjust your goals!
2. meet my sales goal on Poshmark | Not quite, but I did pretty well just by focusing more attention on selling! 
3. work on a marketing plan for FGDB | Done! Though, only after about a week and a half of existential meltdown over all things marketing + workbook. Excited to move forward with some new perspective!
4. spend time at the pool | Done! Not as much as I’d have liked, looking back, but is there ever enough pool time?
5. institute no-spend days | Fail. I did end up having a handful of no-spend days in July, but they were totally by accident and I didn’t even realize until that night or the next day. If I attempt this again, I’m going to plan the days ahead of time!

3/5 isn’t bad, especially considering everything else I did in July! Here’s what I’m hoping to get up to in August:

1. expand my audience for Feel Good, Dress Better | My big takeaway from July’s FGDB-related goals is that people in my community know about the workbook and where to find it at this point, so it’s time to cast a wider net! It’s time to put my pitching pants on!
2. go to the gym with friends | Planet Fitness just opened a new location a little closer to my house and I’m excited (as excited as one can be to go to a gym) to check it out! The monthly membership fee costs less than one Soul Cycle class, which is quite the selling point!
3. prep for Palm Springs | The flights have been booked and I’m headed to Palm Springs in early September! Though I’m going to speak at a wedding photography workshop, I’ll be there for a whole week and would love to explore! Send me your recommendations – this architectural tour is at the top of my list!
4. maintain a clean apartment | I did some major deep cleaning over the weekend and felt so refreshed by a tidy home. I’d love to maintain the cleanliness for more than just a week or so!
5. make some progress in paying off my credit card debt | My credit card is honestly the source of most of my stress, so I’d love to focus my attention this month on making bigger payments and starting to really chip away at it!

Your turn! Share your small goals below + link back here so your readers can find more goal -inspiration goodness!

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