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Remember that time I was on a shopping freeze in June? Yeah, me too, except two days in when Chelsea hosted a pop-up at Madewell and I thought I was being so good giving myself a $20 spending limit and them remembering the next day that I was supposed to have a $0 limit…for the whole month. Whoops! 
Anyway, aside from that $15 misstep, I intended to not shop this month because I knew I was taking two vacations and wanted to be able to buy something fun if I came upon it. And boy did I! Wanna see?

What I Bought

Mossimo Cold Shoulder Tank (not pictured) – $10.18
Cousin Earl Flamingo Shift Dress via Roam Port Aransas – $136

Total Spent: $171.35 out of monthly $250 = $78.65 under budget

So what happened here? First, I picked up the Staycation tee during the Madewell popup, as described. The night before my Port Aransas trip, I discovered that I didn’t own any tank tops (!?!?!?!) and made a last minute trip to Target. I’ll be honest, Target wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I also needed sunscreen, snacks, and beach towels (ya girl was not vacation prepared, y’all), so Target won over Old Navy in the tank top game. I ended up really liking the two tanks I bought (the pink cold shoulder one is sold out online) during my trip, so I guess we’ll find out if I reach for them much back in my regular life.
Alright, alright, I’ve stalled enough. Let’s talk about this flamingo dress, AKA the best thing that’s ever happened to me (sorry, Dago!). We were checking out one of those coastal-themed trinket shops while we waited for a table at brunch and as I was deciding between a pelican tea towel and a sand piper tea towel (spoiler alert: I bought both), I spotted the flamingos. 
There was actually a crop-top-and-shorts coord set and the shift dress in the same print, so I quickly shot into a dressing room before Dago could stop me to try them on. I put the dress on first and ended up not taking it back off. The sweet store owner clipped the tag for me, and I wore it to brunch (which we missed our table for and had to wait another thirty minutes #worthit).
Real talk: I would not typically drop $130 on a dress I just happened upon. I’m a thoughtful shopper, and that’s pretty big money to spend even if I did plan out the purchase. However, I love a good souvenir I can wear in real life to remember my vacation by. I already re-wore the dress on vacation #2 last week to a party in OKC, where I was nearly drowned in compliments. It’s a great dress and I have not one bit of buyer’s remorse.
So – aside from the flamingo dress (which I bought in a medium, I would say it runs about one size big!), I actually only spent a little over $35. No, that’s not the same as $0, as a spending freeze should be, but I’m not mad about it.

What I Received

june receive

I actually forgot to share these last month, but I picked up a great pair of mom jeans c/o Shopbop! This AGOLDE pair was described as having the “look” of a no-stretch jean with something called “warp stretch fabrications,” allowing them to be more stretchy. I would not agree with that one bit, but the size 32 (one size above my usual) did actually fit me and no other pair of mom jeans do, so I guess that warp stretch fabric counts for something. (Worn here!)
As always, I’m linking up with Franish and the budgeting bloggers! Be sure to check out what everyone else bought + spent in June! What did you bring home this month?
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