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quiz: which pair of soludos espadrilles should you get?

soludos espadrilles

In middle school, we expressed ourselves with thematic paper folders. Were you an N*SYNC folder girl, a puppy and kitty friendship folder girl, or a Lisa Frank folder girl? As adults, we might have more options for self-expression, but one form reigns supreme: kitschy embroidered Soludos espadrilles. Inspired by Sarah’s recent peacock Soludos #ootd, I put together this little quiz to help you determine which pair is your perfect fit! (P.S. This post isn’t sponsored by Soludos, I just think they’re super cute!)

Answer each question to the best of your ability. Keep track of the letters associated with each answer to calculate your results at the end!

1. Which of these do you most identify with?

A. Dragon
B. Unicorn
C. Mermaid
D. Narwhal

2. Brunch time! Which juice do you order for your mimosa?

A. Grapefruit
B. Cranberry
C. Pomegranate
D. Orange

3. Which of these tracks is your song of the summer?

A. Despacito by Luis Fonsi f. Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber
B. I’m The One by DJ Khaled f. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne
C. Malibu by Miley Cyrus
D. Hard Times by Paramore

4. What trend are you rocking this summer?

A. Mules and slides
B. Gingham
C. Cold-shoulder tops and dresses
D. Cropped denim

5. What is your favorite Fourth of July activity?

A. Eating barbecue, watermelon, and banana pudding
B. Going to the lake or beach to celebrate
C. Watching fireworks
D. Spending time with friends and family (and getting a day off from work!)

6. What must-have summer accessory are you currently hoarding?

A. Sunglasses for any occasion
B. Straw bags, big and small
C. Bandanas in every color
D. Hats in every shape and size

7. Pick a pool floatie:

A. Pizza Slice
B. Flamingo
C. Cactus
D. Heart


You believe that the best outings involve food, a spirit best displayed with your shoes! From avocados to tacos to a burger and fries, picking a favorite pair of Soludos espadrilles is as tough (and wonderful) as picking your favorite food!


You’re best friends with every dog you meet and your number one bud this summer is your very own pet. Show your love for all animals with a pair of doggone cute espadrilles! Flamingle in flamingo Soludos, get elephancy in elephant Soludos, or show off your stripes in a pair of zebra espadrilles.


You’ve got an adorable phone case, you collect novelty-shaped purses, and you never met a kitschy print you didn’t like. Luckily, you can adorn your espadrilles with cacti, scooters, pool floaties, and more for an endlessly cute summer!


You keep it real and you aren’t afraid to speak your mind (sorry, not sorry!). Words are important to you and your friends love you because you always know the right thing to say. Wear your feelings on your shoes with a catchy pair of Soludos that say it all.

Which pair or pairs of Soludos are your favorite?

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