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june small goals

Hello, June! Is this month already entirely booked up for anyone else? Between Dago’s birthday last weekend, our anniversary next week, the workbook launch later this week, and a couple of travel plans, this might be my busiest month yet! However, I’m stoked about everything on my plate, and I think I’m setting myself up for success as far as goals go this month. 
First off, here’s what I accomplished in May!
1. make the final edits on Feel Good, Dress Better and begin the pre-launch process | Done! The workbook is in its final stage and it’s ready to be released. Crazy!!
2. start creating premium content for Breakfast for Dinner | Done! We put out four premium episodes (find them here!) in May: one reviewing Guardians of the Galaxy, one reviewing season two of Master of None, and two Bachelorette recaps. We even put out one this weekend reviewing Wonder Woman! It’s been so fun getting to create additional, fun content outside of our weekly show.
3. book and plan our six-year anniversary trip for June | Done! We’re headed to Port Aransas for four days of bliss on the beach. Is it the 16th yet? I am so ready.
4. put together my 28 before 28 birthday bucket list | Done! As you may have seen, I decided to put together a 10 before 28 instead, which has already been one of the best decisions I’ve made all year. Excited to start knocking goals out left and right!
5. surround myself with love on my birthday | Done! You can read my birthday recap here!
5/5 baby! Feeling great coming off of May and hoping to recreate that magic in June. Here’s what I’m hoping to get up to:
1. successfully launch Feel Good, Dress Better | Holy cow, I cannot believe the workbook launches this Thursday! Stay tuned for all of the excitement to come! I have a few last minute things I need to take care of before the big day, otherwise I’m crossing my fingers the reveal is seamless and well-received!
2. no shopping | It’s about darn time for a monthly shopping freeze. Looking at my closet, I’m noticing a bad habit of buying something I get obsessed with, only to wear it a couple of times/make the outfit I had in mind for it, and then be completely over it. What a waste! I have great pieces I’m excited about, so I need to cool it on adding new things and work with what I’ve got. I will say that I may have a few c/o items coming my way this month, so there will probably still be a budget update at the end of the month so I can share those.
3. be more present | This is something that I did not used to struggle with so much, but have been exceptionally bad about lately. Dago even called me out last week for being on my phone when he was trying to talk to me, which felt real sucky. I’m turning off Insta notifications (I already have Facebook deleted on my phone and unsubscribed from basically all my email) to help. Any other tips to break a social media addiction are appreciated! I just love Instagram stories soooo much!
4. get the heck out of Austin | Dago and I are celebrating our six year anniversary this month and finally taking that beach trip we didn’t get to take last summer! It’s only a couple of days on the coast of Texas, but it is SO needed. I’m also planning a quick solo trip up to Oklahoma City near the end of the month to celebrate some new friends at a launch party for their awesome business.
5. repot my plants | My snake plant, in particular, is looking really sad right now. All of the stems(?) have basically escaped the dirt and are hanging out at the top of the pot. I think I can save it if I repot it. Here’s to hoping!

Your turn! Add your June small goals below and be sure to link back here in your post!

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