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Today is the day! What began as a little side project I thought would be fun turned into a 90 page workbook about intuition-based dressing. If you said those three words to me six months ago, I probably would have gotten the gist, but would not have understood them as clearly or deeply as I do now. My hope is that this workbook will bring you that same level of understanding!

So what is Feel Good, Dress Better? 

The short answer? Feel Good, Dress Better is a comprehensive guide to identifying your personal style and transforming your closet to reflect that. The longer answer? Lemme break it down for you!

Chapter One

Chapter One is all about clearing out the pieces in your closet that cause you grief. Do you stand in your closet staring at a bunch of clothes that make you feel bad or that you don’t know what to do with? Do you own things that don’t fit quite right and make you feel like maybe you’re not right? Let’s get rid of that. You’re about to build a closet that you love, and anything less than awesome doesn’t deserve to be there.

Chapter Two

In Chapter Two, you get a little Style 101. I’ve broken down the elements a closet and give you space to see what you have, what you love, and what you might be missing. Chapter Two is my favorite because I set out to empower you by giving you the language you need to be able to talk about clothes with a deeper understanding. This chapter is also crucial for training your intuition in recognizing what styles you’re drawn to and what works with your lifestyle (instead of on a model in a catalog or on a blogger on Instagram). At the end of the chapter, you get to choose your own Personal Style ID!
Before diving into Chapter Three, you get to do my very favorite part of the workbook: the 10 Day Outfit Challenge! Each day comes with an intuition-based prompt that encourages you to go beyond “date night” or “interview” outfits and create looks that represent the woman you want to be when you get dressed.

Chapter Three

Chapter Three is about filling in the holes left from Chapter One, but with all the insight gained in Chapter Two and the outfit challenge. Plus, I smash some myths about fashion you may have been led to believe. Who doesn’t love some myth smashing?

Chapter Four

We’re going shopping! And it’s not going to suck like it has before because you’re going to give yourself the best talk of your life (plus there are some really compassionate + awesome pep talks from other women to cheer you on too!). The Shopping Diaries are there to help you take control of the dressing room and leave with only the pieces deserving of coming home with you.

Chapter Five

Now that you’ve added some cute stuff to your closet, Chapter Five is here to help you infuse new items into your existing wardrobe. More outfit prompts comin’ your way featuring creative equations to get you thinking outside of the box!

What sets Feel Good, Dress Better apart from other workbooks?

Each chapter ends with a check-in. This process can bring up a lot of stuff — mentally, emotionally, physically — that you may not have expected, so I wanted to give you space to explore those feelings and reactions. Think of these check-ins as a guided meditation if you’re into that kind of thing, or a survey only you can answer if that’s more your speed. Every check-in ends with you giving yourself a compliment because if this workbook does only one thing, I want it to be loving yourself better.

The best thing about this workbook? 

You can use it again and again! I, personally, clean out my closet a few times a year, so Chapter One is something I can revisit when I’m ready to do that. No matter how much you know about fashion or are in tune with your personal style, closet ruts happen! The outfit challenges can inspire endless looks and you can choose a new Personal Style ID whenever the mood strikes.

What else do you need to know?

When you download the workbook after purchase, you will also receive a PDF explaining how to use the workbook. The quick version of that is that you can use it on your computer + smartphone or you can print it. Digital downloads for the win!

Where can you buy it?

Oh, you know, just right here. I’ve also added a link to purchase the workbook in both my header and sidebar, so even if you don’t buy it right now (which would be cool), you can do so later!

The Feel Good, Dress Better Community:

With the purchase of the workbook, you will now be added to a Facebook group where other workbook-ers are sharing their journey to feel good and dress better!


Review from Elana of Room 334
Review from Maddy of Cassidy Lou
Review from Kimi of Cotton, Cashmere, Cat Hair

“I loved going through this workbook, and I say that as someone who has never liked clothes. I’ve always been intimidated and annoyed by fashion. FGDB is a way to approach this world I’ve never felt comfortable in and to find my place in it. I learned so much and I loved it!” – Kara Perez, Founder of bravely

“I loved using Nicole’s Feel Good, Dress Better workbook. Not only did it help me clean out my closet in a really productive, pointed way, it helped me identify pieces in my closet that could be worn and used in new ways. I got lots of great feedback from my coworkers and my partner about my outfits on the days I tried the outfit challenges. It was fun, easy and incredibly helpful!” – Shelby Cole, Digital Director

“Feel Good, Dress Better has transformed the way I look at the clothes both living in my closet + seeking to live in my closet. Getting dressed in the morning seems more like a ritual or like putting on a uniform that I get to completely customize.” – Chelsea Francis, Owner of Chelsea Francis

“As a plus-size girl, fashion was always something I shied away from. Something that felt out of my reach. Feel Good, Dress Better taught me that having a personal style and feeling good in your clothes is not only possible, it’s enjoyable! From figuring out what I have and what I need to discovering what I actually like, it thoroughly and expertly taught me the ins and outs of curating a closet that looks and feels like me in the best way. This workbook helped me analyze my wardrobe in a way that was accessible and fun and finding out that I can like what I wear and feel confident in my choices was such an eye-opener.” – Mindy Sepeti, Owner of Mindy’s Bakeshop

Sample Pages:

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Get the workbook here!

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