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overalls: Old Navy // top: English Factory c/o Shopbop // clogs: Lotta from Stockholm via Poshmark // purse: Frye c/o Shopbop // scarf: vintage // earrings: c/o Nina Berenato Jewelry
photos by Chelsea Francis
My love of overalls is unending, as I’ve considered them a summer staple for my entire life. They’re perfect for a carefree look while actually feeling carefree, too, especially in the hot hot heat of Austin, TX. Or, at least they should be. 
Last year, I bought a pair of overalls from H&M that I was so stoked about. First, the waist actually hit me in the right place, which is a freakin’ miracle and never happens. Second, I had been searching for a pair of overalls for several summers and was desperately happy to have found a pair that, as a baseline, fit on my body. However, the fit was so tight and body-conscious that I never felt like wearing them. They totally defeated the purpose of overalls, that carefree affect I was looking for in the perfect pair. I felt too aware of my body every time I put them on, and struggled to style them comfortably in the sweatiest days of summer. Overalls should be the solution, not the problem!
After trying and returning ModCloth’s pair of overalls a couple months back (so cute, just not right for my short torso!), I decided to give up on my search. I had survived this long without overalls and could instead focus on my love of breezy midi skirts or finding a great pair of high-waisted cutoffs this year.
They say once you stop searching for something, it will come, and that couldn’t be more true — at least when it came to these overalls! I visited my local Old Navy to try on these culottes (which, ugh, I ended up returning because they got SO grossly wrinkly so quickly. Womp womp.), and on my way to the dressing room, these overalls were just hanging out. In two colors, no less! I grabbed them up, but didn’t have high hopes. What was another tried and failed pair of overalls on my list? At least I’d know and could cross Old Navy off the list of potential overalls providers if they didn’t fit. To my surprise, they were a perfect fit! A little bit loose and comfortable, just they way I like! Not too tight, no weird waistline-to-torso ratio, and no wedgie-inducing inseam. Now I wear them basically anytime I have to run errands and even dress them up a little for a coffee date or lunch with the girls. Easy, breezy, overalls!
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