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Can you believe we’re already at the end of May? My birthday came and went, and we’re firmly in the summer season here in Austin! Luckily, I did a little shopping this month to prepare me for the long, hot season ahead. Floral print, denim, and perfect pink shoes right this way…!

What I Bought

  what i bought may

J.Crew Tie-Waist Shorts – $56.25 (seen here)
Madewell Side-Button Skirt – $98
ASOS Gingham Ruffle-Front Smock Dress – $25.27 (seen here)
ASTR Off-The-Shoulder Blouse – $35.40
Old Navy Cuffed Denim Shortalls – $35.99
Old Navy Classic Semi-Fitted Tank Top x2 (in Lime and Burgundy Stripe) – $7.45 each (seen here)
Moorea Seal Pink Keller Slides – $56

Total Spent: $321.81
Total Earned on Poshmark: $72
Budget Spent: $249.81 (out of monthly $250) = $.09 under budget

Talk about cutting it close! I actually thought I was much more over my budget this month than I ended up being, so hooray for that (and hooray for Poshmark)! Speaking of Poshmark, stay tuned because I’m working on a post about how I’ve made it work for me. In the meantime, onto the clothes!

J.Crew Tie-Waist Shorts – You can read more about these here, but they’re one of my favorite purchases this year. I don’t think I mentioned it in my other post, but I ended up getting a size 14. I’m usually a 12, and the twelves fit, but I liked the roomier/more skirt-like fit of the fourteens.

Madewell Side-Button Skirt – Look familiar? That’s because it’s the chambray version of my yellow skirt! As soon as I got paid this month (like the second the check hit my bank account), I bought this skirt. I’ve already worn it like six times in the week and a half I’ve had it, which is a good sign!

ASOS Gingham Ruffle-Front Smock Dress – First thing’s first – I ended up returning the denim dress I bought last month. I had hoped for a more fitted look than the denim dress I already own, but the sizing was wonky and it was equally oversized. Back it went, which is when I discovered this pretty dress! I bought it to be my birthday dress and it was a total hit.

ASTR Off-The-Shoulder Blouse – This top was a last minute purchase, made just last Friday. I collaborated with a photographer who wanted to do some fashion work (photos coming soon!), and he mentioned wanted to do at least one outfit that had a soft and romantic look against an urban setting. I got kinda stressed realizing that I don’t have much in my closet like that, so I went to the mall and spent several hours trying on every floral wrap dress I could find. Turns out, my short torso and shoulders don’t lend themselves well to an off-the-rack wrap dress. Running out of time, I switched directions and decided to get a cute top with the same look to rock with my favorite girlfriend jeans. I actually bought three tops, two of which I’ll return, and this was the winner. It’s really cute and different from anything else in my closet, so I think it ended up being a good buy!

Old Navy Cuffed Denim Shortalls – For several summers, I’ve tried to find a great pair of overalls. Last summer I bought this pair, which were cute, but being that they were so tight, weren’t exactly practical or comfortable like overalls should be. In the spirit of Feel Good, Dress Better, I let them go and restarted my hunt. I already bought and returned two pairs of overalls this summer, so I was stoked to come upon this pair during a quick trip to Old Navy. They fit perfectly (outfit post coming very soon!) and they’re perfect for throwing on and going — just as overalls should be!

Old Navy Classic Semi-Fitted Tank Tops – Ya girl loves a high-neck, racer-front tank top. These are much more fitted than I usually go for, but they’re perfect for tucking into skirts. In fact, you’ve already seen the lime one paired with a skirt here!

Moorea Seal Pink Keller Slides – If there was a theme of my May shopping, it would be finally finding The One after buying and returning several options. These blush slides are the third pair I’ve tried. I LOVE THEM. I highly recommend getting them if you, too, have been searching for a pair. They’re a little higher than I typically wear (see: slightly higher than my blush ankle strap block heels), but they’re incredibly comfy to wear and even walk in. The upper strap is somehow very soft, and the width of it fixed the issue I had with other pairs I tried that cut into my foot. I do want to note that I got a size 8 instead of my usual 7 because I’ve learned that having a high arch makes me need to size up in backless shoes/slides, otherwise my foot hangs off the back. I’d say my foot is pretty average as far as width, and these actually have plenty of wiggle room, so I think they could work on slightly wider feet.

I can’t wait to start sharing the outfits I’ve been putting together with all these fun pieces! Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks. In the meantime, be sure to check out Fran and the other budgeting bloggers for more May buys and budget updates!

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