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2 ways i’ve updated my morning routine

writes like a girl morning routine

Has anyone else noticed morning routines become a bit of a buzzword lately? Everybody seems to have one or wants to know how to get one. I’m not a morning person, so having a routine wasn’t really of interest to me (though maybe it should have been? Maybe that’s the point?). However, now that I have one, I kind of get the hype!
My morning routine just sort of happened upon me, but I thought I’d share the two things I just can’t seem to stop doing every day!

No. 1: Daily Tarot Pull

If you follow along with my monthly small goal posts, then you know that last month I made a habit of doing a daily tarot reading for myself. I started off with pulling three cards each morning, but it honestly became a little time consuming and I wasn’t getting as much out of it. Now, I pull one card every day. First, I shuffle the deck. Since the deck is so big, I split it in half and then in half again to shuffle. I like that this is both more effective in actually shuffling (not a talent of mine) and in keeping my full attention for a few moments completely void of screens. Flow activities were an important part of my self-care back in my hotline work days, and I’ve been loving this small return to that. 
Anyway, so I shuffle until I feel ready, and then I choose the first card on top of the deck. The question I keep in mind is “What do I need to know about today?” I use the Goddess Tarot Deck (here), which has different meanings for the Major Arcana than a traditional deck. I always have the guidebook handy because I definitely haven’t learned all of the Major and Minor Arcana. I read a little about the story behind the card, but my main focus is the meaning of the card. I take a few moments to meditate on how the meaning of the card answers my question. 
In an ideal world, I’d also journal about that meditation and meaning, but honestly I write for my job and for this blog, and journaling on top of that sometimes feels like too much. However, my friend Maggie is doing a cool thing where she has a specific notebook she writes in during her daily card pull to keep track of things like trends in what cards she pulls and how they’re affecting her day-to-day and long-term goals. (Read more about her process here!) She’s the best and I wish I could be that diligent!
I thought it would be fun to give an example of a card and how I interpreted them into my day. Yesterday’s card was XII – SACRIFICE – KUAN YIN. This is a Major Arcana card (The Hanged Man in the traditional deck). Kuan Yin, I learned, is thought of as the holy mother of compassion and mercy. Basically, in Chinese culture, she is said to have been so compassionate and merciful in her life that she was turned into a goddess when she reached heaven. The keywords that go along with this card are Compassion, Surrender, and Patience and the meaning has to do both with empathy and with sacrifice in order to gain enlightenment or to surrender to higher goals. My meditation had to do mostly with being a good listener. It was a Monday morning and I was tired, but I wanted to make an effort to hear out anyone I came across in my daily interactions. I may have tasks or small goals I want to accomplish for the day, but if I was faced with choosing between my own want and someone else’s need, I should do my best to help them reach their goal.
One thing I do want to note is that my deck also mentions a “reverse” meaning for each card. This applies to cards that are flipped upside-down when they’re pulled and tends to instruct an opposite meaning. In the case of yesterday’s card, the reverse meaning is to avoid pain for gain and refers to the focus of materialism to the detriment of spirituality. These alternate meanings can give a little more context to a card, but after talking to a master tarot reader while I was in New Orleans about it, I personally don’t take a lot of stock in the reverse meaning. Plus, I think turning an upside-down card has more to do with me being a bad shuffler than anything else. 😉

No. 2: Harvest Moon Tonic

I am probably most excited about this part of my daily routine! One of my oldest blog friends Lindy Callahan reached out to me last month about a new venture she started and it’s just about the coolest thing ever. Lindy’s family has live and farmed in the same Utah county since the 1850s and she was recently inspired to start a micro flower farm of her own called Harvest Moon Flora. Out of this farm came a line of natural skin care products, beginning with floral tonic sprays she brews herself! Lindy is a nature-loving licensed aesthetician, and I couldn’t be prouder of her for finding the perfect career move!

Lindy was sweet enough to send me a tonic to try, and I’ll be honest, I had no idea what a tonic was. I chose the Bergamot Spark tonic after reading that its combo of green tea and Bergamot (a citrus fruit, I learned) has a grounding, energizing affect. I’ll be honest here and say that my night routine is even less eventful than my morning one used to be (I’m lucky if I run a makeup wipe across my face before I go to sleep – yes, I keep them next to my bed). I thought it was much more likely I would actually use a spray in the morning, when I wake up at the same time every day, than at night.

I’m proud to say that I have been STOKED to use my tonic every morning! In fact, it’s made me do a better job taking my makeup off at night so I have a fresh face to spray in the morning. Not only does it help me feel focused and ready to start working, but I’ve absolutely noticed a difference in my skin! My face feels tighter and brighter. I have combo dry/oily skin, but overall I can tell that my dry spots are less dry and I don’t get as oily as quickly. Plus, it obvi smells great.

You can learn more about Harvest Moon’s floral tonics here, all about the incredible flower farm here, and about Lindy herself here! (Note: Lindy did send me a tonic to try, but I put together this post of my own volition and all of these opinions are my own!)

What does your morning routine entail? Or, for that matter, your night routine? Now that I’m a routine person, I’m interested to know what others do and what I should consider adding to mine!

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