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what i bought in april

Oh hey, I guess I haven’t posted a budget update in a while! The main reason is because these posts are extremely time consuming and I decided I’d rather put that energy towards the Feel Good, Dress Better workbook (which I am SO SO SO close to being done with!!!). The other reason? Not so cute. 2017 has been hard on me and my family, y’all. And when things are hard, I shop and I spend. I’ve been to two funerals already in 2017 and have spent way too many hours visiting my loved ones in the hospital. Some weeks, having a package coming in the mail felt like the only thing I had to look forward to.
I love that sharing these budget updates keep me accountable, but they can also suck for that same reason. I didn’t need extra guilt for my overspending during the last few months on top of the other bad feelings. Do you forgive me? Okay cool, because I bought some real cute stuff this month and one of my monthly small goals helped keep me from going (too) overboard!

What I Bought

what i bought april
Madewell Side Button Midi Skirt – $98
Madewell Striped Bell-Sleeve Top – $69.50
J.Crew Factory Leather Mule Slides – $41.50
ASOS Denim Smock Dress – $37

Total Spent: $246

Total Earned on Poshmark: $142.57

Budget Spent: $103.43 (out of monthly $250) = $146.57 under budget

Since you haven’t seen any of these things on the blog yet (literally coming this week!), I’ll go more into depth here about each item.

The Midi Skirt – When 2017 started, I was like, “Nicole. Stop buying midi skirts. You have so many and don’t wear them very often.” Well. I saw this one online, and then it was right there in Nordstrom when I was trying on the bell-sleeve shirt (what I actually went in for), so I grabbed it just to try on for fun. Y’all. It was perfect. You may have seen that I Insta-storied that shopping trip, and the DMs came rolling in from so many people who loved it as much as I did! I would blame this all on peer pressure, but it really came down to the skirt. One of the issues I’ve noticed in my closet is a pattern overload. So many of my midi skirts are too loud for me to reach for on a regular basis. This is somehow the only solid-colored midi skirt I own, which seems to have solved all my skirt-wearing woes because I just want to wear this every day with every top I’ve got. Now I just have to convince myself not to buy the chambray and gingham print versions of the same skirt! For reference, I got a size 12.
The Bell-Sleeve Top – As I mentioned, this top was the reason for my only in-store shopping trip this month. The shopping bug bit me on a lovely Friday afternoon, so I decided to go to the mall after work. I’ve been searching for the perfect bell-sleeve top for a few months and thought this Madewell one might be The One after seeing it online. I was right! It fits exactly how I wanted and I’ve already worn it three times since buying it. For reference, I bought a medium.
The Leather Slides – I have had my eye on this particular pair of shoes since…January? They looked like the perfect shoes for running to the mailbox or taking the trash out (because apparently real flats with backs are too hard to put on??). I kept hoping they’d go on sale (which, of course they are now…), but finally pulled the trigger when I was in Houston for Dago’s mom’s surgery earlier this month. I’m glad I did because I’ve been wearing them a lot and they make me really happy. What more can you ask for in a pair of shoes? For reference, I sized up to an 8 in these because I notice in slides and mules that my heel hangs off the back when wearing my usual 7.
The Denim Dress – Did I need another denim dress? Absolutely. Nine times out of ten when I’m getting dressed, I want to put this dress on. Because that isn’t really a reasonable ratio, I decided to add another denim dress with a slightly different fit (see: not so oversized) to my closet. **This dress is actually arriving in the mail today, so we’ll see if it actually fits/if I end up keeping it. I usually wouldn’t include it in my budget yet, but being as next month is my birthday(!!!), I wanted to save as much of May’s budget to be spent in the actual month.

What I Received

what i received april

As always, I want to be transparent about the items I receive as part of sponsorship or collaboration for the blog. I had been saving up credits as a part of my Shopbop partnership to be able to shop this month’s great sale and I’m so happy about what I got! I actually tried on the Madewell pom pom top during my Nordstrom trip, but realized that Shopbop had it in stock so I waited to buy it. I think it’ll be such a fun top to wear with cutoffs this summer! The clogs have been on love list for a while, so I was glad they didn’t sell out in my size before the sale! They are crazy comfy — like maybe my most comfortable pair of clogs yet. The English Factory blouse was a last minute addition to my cart, but probably my favorite item I got during the sale because it’s so versatile! I wore it under this dress the other day, which is now my favorite way to wear it. Outfit coming to the blog soon!
I’m so excited to be partnering with ESPEROS this month. I’ve lusted after their chic leather goods for a while, and now I can’t stop wearing their Petite Pack! I’ll save my gushing over this bag for the upcoming blog post, but definitely browse their selection and follow their Insta because everything is to die for.
So that’s what I bought in April! I’m glad to be back to linking up with Fran and the budgeting bloggers (and the have my budget/life hopefully back on track!). What did you buy in April?
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