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Happy Friday! Being that I am determined to not let this series die after only one post, I’m back at it again with another self-care Friday! Here are a few suggestions for taking care of yourself this weekend (and beyond!).

To Shop

Buy yourself something you can be excited to use every day. Instead of a shirt or skirt that you can reasonably only wear once-ish a week, pick a new tinted lip balm with pretty packaging, a pair of cute shoes or a fun bag that you can wear multiple days in a row, or a water bottle with a pretty print or catchy phrase. Every time you use it, you’ll smile, and, seeing as you can use it every day, you’ll have so many opportunities to smile!

To Listen

I kept hoping Lorde’s new album would come out before I wrote this next edition of self-care Friday, but since it hasn’t, I have something just as good. My favorite feel-good artist lately is an eighteen-year-old El Paso native named Khalid. His album, American Teen, gives me the same nostalgia I get when I listen to Lorde’s first record, likely because they were both teenagers when they wrote them. The songs feel like the freedom of springtime. Plug your phone into your car and go for a drive with the windows down while Khalid tells you about being a kid from West Texas. In particular, the single Location is a total bop.

To Read

My dear friend Mia wrote a really awesome article for Femsplain’s self-care blog, Aloe, about practicing self-care at your work desk. Over the last couple of years, she transitioned from working at home to working in an office full-time. As her friend, I’ve loved seeing her transform her workplace into a calm, inspiring, and productive zone, so it’s extra cool to see her share with the world how to recreate that magic!

To Watch

I’ve got two Netflix recommendations for you. First up is a little British show called Crazyhead. I hoped by now that more people would have watched it, but I seem to constantly be telling people about it for the first time, so here’s your official notice. Crazyhead is a six-episode series taking notes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The gist is that two twenty-somethings discover that they can see demons and become unlikely besties as they try to destroy what’s trying to destroy them first. It gets an A+ in the Bechdel test, mental health awareness, and being hilariously British. Also, if you’ve watched Netflix’s Chewing Gum, Crazyhead stars the sister from that show (who is a friggin’ delight). Dago and I actually watched all of Crazyhead during our Nashville trip during New Year’s and I can’t believe it’s not more popular!
The other rec is a movie called Sing Street. (Watch the trailer here.) I haven’t been so happy watching anything in a long time. The movie follows an Dublin teen as he’s inspired by different ’80s bands to find his own voice (and maybe to win the heart of a sassy young model while he’s at it). If you love a great soundtrack of both ’80s jams and original music, plus a really cute coming of age story, Sing Street will be your new favorite movie.

To Follow

Colleen (@sincerelycolleen_) is one of the sweetest and most talented women I know. Every time I read an Instagram caption of hers, I feel like I’m watching the ocean. You know that feeling? She just writes like that, exists like that. She’s been doing a 100-day embroidery hoop art challenge and is totally crushing it. I can’t even believe some of the cool things she’s come up with! (I mean, JUST LOOK AT THIS!) Follow her for heartfelt words, little moments worth noticing, and a beautiful English mastiff.
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