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blouse: Forever 21 via Poshmark (similar) // culottes: ModCloth // shoes: Madewell c/o Shopbop // purse: Ann Taylor (similar)
photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

If you had told me two years ago — heck, this time last year — that I would be the very proud owner of a pair of culottes, I would have laughed in your face. When the gals at ModCloth encouraged me to try these on, whispering, “they look good on everyone…just try them on,” I couldn’t resist. I love proving people wrong, so I decided to show them just how bad these culottes could look.
And then I was the one with egg on my face. And culottes on my body. Culottes that, to my absolute surprise, I loved. Are culottes my new midi skirt? I guess we’ll have to see, because I already have my eye on these…and maybe this culotte jumpsuit too. Give me all the culottes! (WHO AM I?)
I’ve been feeling a style shift coming along. I’ve talked about it a little bit as I discuss my intention for having a closet that fits my lifestyle. Rather than having a closet full of clothes that are beautiful to look at, I want clothes that I can’t wait to wear. That sounds like a “duh” sentiment. But I think when you have blogged outfits for as long as I have and do as much online window shopping as I do, the ideas of the clothes-wearing-person I am and the clothes-wearing-person I daydream about get a little muddled.

This particular outfit may not seem like it actually fits my work-from-home lifestyle. I had second thoughts myself upon bringing home these culottes. Would I actually reach for them? Do they make sense for my actual life, or do I just think they’re pretty? So I decided I was going to make myself wear them the next three times I did, in fact, leave my house. (See one of the other ways I wore them here.) And you know what? Now I can’t stop wearing them! I actually wore this exact outfit twice in one week, once to speak to some college students about careers in online writing and once to meet Katie over dinner and ice cream! Who knew culottes were the answer to so many occasions??

Part of the whole style goal is to be more intentional about what I put in my closet, but also to be intentional about actually wearing what I have.

Is there a piece you love that you notice you’re not wearing? Challenge yourself to wear it this week!

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