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You know how the old saying goes: New month, new chance to get my shit together. I was going to say that March was a doozy…but has 2017 just, generally, been a doozy so far? My hope is that with Q1 down, I’m going to start feeling like myself again (hello, sunshine!) and get back on track with things. Between unexpected weather happenings, a week-long trip away from home, and a death in the family, pretty much every week in March kept me from getting the work in I had hoped for last month. Sure, excuses, excuses, but sometimes life is about just living it and not necessarily looking or pushing forward. I was much more present in March than I expected, and there’s really nothing wrong with that.

1. pack well for my Seattle trip | done! I didn’t share a budget update again this month, but almost everything I bought was of the sweater/duck boots/PNW-necessity variety. I loved what I wore every single day, and I was actually warm enough (for the most part) to boot!
2. finish writing two sections of my workbook | not done. I knew this was lofty, but it pushed me to finish chapter 2 and get both chapters 1 and 2 designed! I don’t have much planned for April at this moment, so I really think I can get 3 and 4 done this month.
3. go on at least two walks a week | done! Am I counting all the hiking I did in Washington for a couple of missed days? Why yes, I am!
4. get a massage | done! Y’all, this was a hilarious mishap that involved a guy accidentally stealing my massage appointment, but in the end, I got it and became a person again because of it.
5. clean out our bookshelves | not done. Moving this to next month!
All things considered, 3/5 isn’t bad. I think I could sense March was going to be more than I could handle, so I didn’t go overboard with my goals. Thank goodness for that foresight! Here’s what I’m hoping to get up to in April:

1. spring clean | Closet, book shelves, shoe collection, backseat of my car — I’M LOOKING AT YOU.
2. finish writing two sections of my workbook | I can do this. I can totally do this.
3. do a daily tarot reading | I’ve been teaching myself tarot over the last couple of months and would really like to start doing a morning 1-3 card reading. I like the idea of using it to help me set an intention for every day. If you’re interested in learning tarot, I’ve been using an app called Labyrinthos and this is the deck I own!
4. stop unnecessary add-on purchases | Does anyone else do this? I have a terrible habit of adding a second or third item to my order just because. I feel like I can’t just buy one thing. It’s especially bad online, but I’m definitely guilty of it in person too.
5. finish as many of my remaining 27 before 27 list as possible | I’m coming down to the wire with my birthday bucket list (my birthday is mid-May!). I still have about 14 items to go, ranging from things like learning to cook chicken to buying a new car (I can already tell you that the latter isn’t happening!). I do enjoy spending April crossing off as much stuff as possible, but I can’t believe it’s already that time!
Alright, so that’s me. Let’s talk about you! What small goals are you going to cross off your list in April? Join the linkup below and link back here in your own post! Don’t forget to check out all the other awesome goals being set to get some inspiration for yourself.

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