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Woof. February was hard. I went through some of the worst anxiety and especially depression that I have in months, I had the worst cold I’ve had in years, various members of my family were in and out of the hospital. It was not a great month and everything felt like it was piling up. That said, for the most part, my goals were not priority last month.
1. stay on track with my workbook writing deadlines | done…? I spent the majority of the month emotionally invested in this project, but not actually getting as much work done as I expected. I experienced an unexpected onslaught of doubts and fears that kept me from writing and moving forward until the last week or so of the month when I finally broke through my creative block. I’m still not caught up to where I want to be, but I also adjusted my timeline with this project so I’m not rushing something I care so much about. For that reason, I’m giving myself this one!
2. attempt to be an inbox zero person | I did not accomplish this goal. I did, however, try to respond to emails as soon as I got them when possible, and I deleted about a year’s worth of emails. I still have a lot to delete, unfortunately, and just not enough time to do it right now.
3. buy a new bed | Lol nope. Maybe in May?
4. be more active | I…I’m not going to give myself this one, but I did go on a few walks with Dago, which was really nice.
5. do something for Valentine’s with Dago | done! Our plans were almost cancelled due to a family emergency and then at the last minute we got to have dinner and visit our favorite panaderia for some treats before heading home to watch TV. I didn’t say we had to do something exciting, just something! Plus, we did our annual DIY card exchange and Dago knocked it out of the park.

Two-ish out of five is…not great, but also I’m giving myself grace because it was such a hard month. Some months, the best you can do is survive, and that’s the most important goal of all. So! Hopefully March is an easier month and I get to more of these goals, huh? Here’s what I’mma try to get up to:

1. pack well for my Seattle trip | I’m speaking at a photography workshop in Lake Quinault later this month for work. Given how poorly I packed for New Orleans and how “meh” I felt about my outfits in Nashville (not to mention how different the weather is in the PNW!), I need to do some serious packing research before this trip. 
2. finish writing two sections of my workbook | This honestly feels a bit lofty from where I’m sitting, but here’s to hoping I can make it happen!
3. go on at least two walks a week | Partially to be more active and partially for my sanity.
4. get a massage | It’s about time.
5. clean out our bookshelves | We recently decided that getting rid of our lifetime (and mostly college) collection of books would help us have more space in our apartment (we’ve got two big bookshelves in two different rooms). Neither of us are book re-readers, so we’ll probably both hang onto a few favorites and send the rest off to Half Price and try to make a few bucks!

Alright, that’s it for me. Your turn! What small goals are you setting for March? Be sure to link back here and check out all the other goals being set!

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