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pom pom shirt: c/o SheIn // jeans: Gap // shoes: Madewell c/o Shopbop // lemon purse: c/o Pink Haley
photos by Chelsea Francis
Do you have friends who send you photos of clothes that remind them of you? Each and every time I get one of those texts, the item is brightly colored and printed (often in cats, if we’re being honest). What can I say, I know what I like! Except, earlier this month I had a little bit of an existential crisis when it came to my personal style. I went into my NOLA trip thinking I’d packed for a cute four days, but got there and felt frumpy and conspicuous. Suddenly my go-to pattern mixing felt obnoxious and my colorful choices made me stand out among my group in a way I didn’t like.
The second I got back to my own closet, I felt at home in my colors and prints and funky pieces. When I was in New Orleans, I think I was trying to fit in and pretend to dress like someone I wasn’t — someone who has a killer selection fancy solid colored blouses to wear out instead of a handful of gingham dresses and pom pom sweaters. If there’s one area of my closet that’s lacking, it’s my going out clothes. I only need it a couple of times a year, but I always end up in a panic when the occasion arises and I have nothing appropriate to wear.
When SheIn reached out and asked me to pick an item to style, I considered adding a cute going out blouse to my closet (they have so many!!). And then I spotted this pom pom sweater that reminded me of Froot Loops and I couldn’t seem to remember my objective. Ultimately, the poms won out, and I’m not mad about it!
So, if there’s a moral to this story, it’s to dress out loud. Whatever that means to you. Trying to fit into a style because you think it will make you a cooler/prettier/better person will only make you feel insecure, and the style you feel comfortable in is worth wearing with your whole heart on your sleeve. Or your pom pom. Those look pretty great on sleeves too.
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