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I try to not apologize for occasional radio silence here on the blog. First, because no one probably noticed (not in a bad way, but like, your Internet consumption def doesn’t revolve around this blog!). Second, because blogging is not my full-time job, and I like it that way. I like being able to take a couple of days off if I want and still knowing I’ve got a paycheck coming my way. What can I say, I like to get paid!

Anyway, I was meeting with my good friend Maggie earlier this week and I was confessing my total lack of motivation to her. It only happens once in a while, maybe a few days a week near the end of the month; I just cannot force myself to come up with an Instagram caption, much less write a blog post. Well, Maggie, the brilliant woman that she is, informed me that this is — get this — BECAUSE OF THE MOON! Do you know about moon phases? I know they exist, but I don’t know much about them beyond that. Apparently, our productivity is tied to them! During the third quarter, a few days before the new moon, is a passive time when we’re prone to want to sit back and reflect, rather than create. You can read more about it here, but basically I’m telling you all of this because if you were feeling unmotivated this week too, you’re not alone! We’ll get back to it in a few days when the new moon hits and we begin the first quarter again.
Okay, let’s get onto some links, shall we?
One of my best friends recently moved to NYC, where Brooklyn’s first Alamo Drafthouse (an Austin staple) opened shortly after. She visited and was shocked and disappointed to find that they did not have pizza on their menu. So, of course, she wrote a hilarious blog post about it.
Feeling inspired from the Women’s March but aren’t sure what to do next? Calling your representatives is one of the most effective things you can do. If you’re like me, you may have phone anxiety that makes those calls pretty daunting. Luckily, someone illustrated this awesome guide for how to call your reps when you have social anxiety!
This piece about being the boss, not the #girlboss resonated with me so, so hard. How do you feel about the buzzword? Also h/t to Julie for sharing this in her weekly link roundup!
Interested in shapewear but not sure where to start? My Internet crush Kristin broke down differently priced Spanx to show their effectiveness.
I’ve been waiting for Katrina to blog this outfit since she shared a sneak peek on Insta. IT’S SO GOOD.
Whether or not you were following along with Kimi’s 10×10 winter outfit challenge, I think checking out what she learned from the process is helpful to all of us in taking a closer look at what makes our closet tick.
Adina’s closet remodel is mad inspiring. Anyone wanna take a trip to IKEA?

Some hilarious truthbombs on bloggers + publications who try to “simplify” life.

Sarah’s annual blogger bloopers posts are always a delight, but this year’s is especially fun.
A wishlist! This denim jumper (omgomgomg), this gorgeous swing dress, these cute (yet pricey) pjs, this adorbs umbrella, and this bunny sweatshirt.
Input time! I am officially beginning work on my body positive style workbook this weekend, but thought I should ask first: what do you want to see? Where do you struggle the most with your closet, shopping, or style? What body hangups affect your ability to get dressed or go shopping with ease? I sat down with Maggie a couple of weeks ago and we created a KILLER outline that I am *so* excited about filling in, but I want to make sure I’m not missing something major before getting too far along!
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