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I haven’t shared a life lately post in a bit, and realized that I actually have some fun things to share for once! Here’s what I’ve been up to the last few weeks:

EXPLORING | As you probably know, Dago and I spent New Year’s in Nashville! The weather was pretty crummy, but the food and company more than made up for it. A few highlights: the best ice cream of my life at Jeni’s (I had a scoop of brown butter almond brittle and one of ooey gooey cake), the best chicken burger of my life at Burger Up (Dago got angry with the honey mustard because it was so good. He was legit yelling because it was so “delicate,”), a fully gluten-free meal that could have fooled us at AMOT Eatery (we need one of these in Austin!), and, of course, spending time with some of our favorite people from the Internet!
WATCHING | On New Year’s Day, Dago and I were pretty tired from walking around in the cold and rain all weekend, so we headed back to our adorable AirBnB for a few hours of television. We’d heard good things about one of Netflix’s latest original series, Crazyhead, and decided to give it a shot. Y’all, it’s SO great. I’d watch it all again right now. It’s only six episodes, and the show is essentially a funnier, more British Buffy the Vampire Slayer (but with demons). Go watch it. You won’t regret it.
READING | Over Christmas, I got my hands on Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick and read it in just a couple days. It’s a really fast read, partly because it’s a light book and partly because her writing feels fast, if that makes sense. The pacing of the book is just really quick. It was super enjoyable, though, and confirmed for me that we would be besties if we ever met. I don’t typically feel that way about actresses, but Anna and I have something special. (Brie Larson, you’re welcome to join our girl gang!) On our way to Nashville, I picked up Carrie Fisher’s The Princess Diarist, which I’m enjoying immensely so far!

CELEBRATING | One of the coolest things I get to do for my job is judge three annual photo contests. Our Best of the Best Wedding Photo Contest winners were announced this week and we got features on BuzzFeed, Cosmo, HuffPo, and more. It’s so fun being able to celebrate phenomenal wedding photography with the rest of the Internet!

OBSESSING | I cannot decide if I want to cut my hair. I think about it all the time, missing my short hair and thinking of cute things I would do with it. Then, just when I’ve decided to cut it, it does something cute that I wouldn’t be able to do when it’s short. I have an appointment at the end of this month, so I need to decide! These shoulder dusting earrings certainly make a great case for collar-bone length hair, though, don’t they?
SHOPPING | So, as you’ll read next week, I’m actually on a shopping freeze for January! But, I do have a couple of gift cards (part of what makes January such a great time for a shopping freeze!). With my J.Crew gift card, I’m pretty set on this sweater (though I can’t decide between red or cream! Help?). I’m having a tougher time, however, deciding what to do with my Banana Republic gift card (which might mean I should just hang onto it). I really love this blouse, but I’m not sure how much wear it would actually get. Then there are all the adorable shoes BR has in stock, like these emerald cuties, these blush babes, and these silver stunners. I’ve just bought so many pairs of shoes lately that I feel like I should cool it and focus on other parts of my closet. What are your favorite pieces from each store right now?

What’s up in your life lately?

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