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january small goals

Happy first monthly small goal linkup of 2017! For those of you who are new around here, I set five small goals each month as I work towards improving my life in a big picture sense. Major goals can feel overwhelming or unattainable, and I believe that breaking them down into smaller, more manageable goals is the best way to succeed in the long-term. I’m really excited about a new year of small goals as we all work to reach our overarching goals of being happier, healthier, and more successful, whatever those things mean to you individually!
Before getting into this month, here’s what I was up to in December:
1. shop small for the holidays | done! Between CraftHER, Blue Genie Art Bazaar, Renegade Craft Fair, Cherrywood Craft Fair, and aaaaaaalllll the cute shops I follow on Instagram, I was able to find the perfect thing for everyone in my life while shopping small!
2. do some major 2016 reflecting + 2017 planning | done! In addition to plenty of journaling, lots of conversations with my besties, and a vision board workshop, I shared my anti-bucket list and my word of 2017.
3. start a new book | done! I started *and* finished Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody! And then I started The Princess Diarist while I was flying to Nashville, so really I achieved this goal twice.
4. enjoy exploring Nashville | done! As I mentioned, the weather kept us from doing quite as much exploring as we hoped, but we still ate and saw so much during our short trip!
5. don’t stress | surprisingly, done! I had a very chill December. I think I decided that it wasn’t all that important that I was in the holiday spirit, so I just enjoyed the company and time off from work instead. 
5/5!! Such a great feeling for starting the year. Remember, though, that even if you didn’t meet all of your December goals (or you’re just starting out with small goals) this month is a brand new start to kick butt and cross items off your list.
That said, here are my January small goals:
1. no shopping (gift cards excluded!) | You’ll see in my budget post for January at the end of the month that I did a wee bit of shopping between my last budget update and this post, but I’m not doing any more shopping for the month! I do have two gift cards from Chanukah that I may or may not spend if I get the shopping itch, but I just don’t need to spend any money on clothes this month, y’all.
2. plan + shoot my Valentine’s content | In case you’re new around these parts, Valentine’s Day is my very favorite day of the year. I have a habit, however, of waiting too long to get all my V-Day content on the blog in time for y’all to actually shop what I share, so I’m determined to start posting things by the end of January!
3. read before bed | I’m about a third of the way through The Princess Diarist and I’ve really enjoyed reading before bed as an alternative to endless Twitter and Instagram scrolling. Let’s see if I can make it a habit!
4. find a couple of smoothie recipes I love | Dago’s mom got us a really intense blender for Christmas and he has become the Smootie King. I have a complicated relationship with smoothies, but I’m interested in finding a few recipes that make me excited about smoothies.
5. start the initial planning for my body posi style workbook | This is one of my 27 before 27 goals that I haven’t even touched, so I want to put in some time to making it a reality. If y’all have any initial input on what you’d like to see, I would LOVE to hear it!

Alright, that’s it for me; it’s about your January goals now! What are you planning to accomplish this month? Be sure to link back here and check out all the other awesome goals being set!

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