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easy ombré valentine’s wreath DIY

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As promised, I’ve got a little Valentine’s Day DIY for you! I do not consider myself particularly crafty, but I like being able to do a little something with my hands to hang in my home. When I was thinking of Valentine’s-related content, I remembered how much I enjoyed putting together the easy minimalist fall wreath DIY I did in 2015 and thought maybe I could make simple wreaths “my thing.” If you don’t consider yourself crafty either, take heart in knowing that this took me about 30 minutes and was pretty much impossible to screw up!

easy valentines wreath diy2

What You Need:

10in embroidery hoop (preferably made of wood, rather than plastic)
– String (yarn, twine, or embroidery floss will do! I used baker’s twine) in light pink, bright pink, and red
– Scissors
– Hot glue gun and 1 glue stick
– Gold X and O stickers (found at Michaels, similar)
– A pen
– X-Acto knife (optional)

Before you start, go ahead and plug in your hot glue gun on a heat-safe surface.

easy valentines wreath diy3

Step One

Start with your lightest color of string. Tie a knot at the 8 o’clock point on your embroidery hoop. Begin wrapping the string around your embroidery hoop, keeping the wraps as close together as possible. To hide the lose piece of string from your knot, cover it with string as you begin wrapping. Stop wrapping at the top of your embroidery hoop. Cut your string with at least two inches to spare so that you can tie a knot at your finished point. Leave the remaining string hanging out — we’ll deal with it in a later step.

easy valentines wreath diy5

Step Two

Next you will need your second lightest color, in this case being bright pink. On the right side of the metal closure of your embroidery hoop, tie a knot. Repeat step one until you have reached the 4 o’clock point on your embroidery hoop.

easy valentines wreath diy6

Step Three

With your final color of string, repeat step one for the last time. Tuck the spare string from the previous color’s knot beneath your wraps. When you complete this section, leave the spare string from the knot hanging out.

easy valentines wreath diy7easy valentines wreath diy8

Step Four

Without removing the back layer, cut out your X and O stickers. (If you remove the non-sticky back layer, you will have a much more difficult time with the rest of the DIY.) If you aren’t able to cut close enough to the letters with scissors, you may want to use an X-Acto knife to trim as close as possible.

easy valentines wreath diy9

Step Five

With the back layers still intact, place your X and O stickers along the edge of your wreath, positioning them until you are happy with the look. Using your pin, mark the backside of the stickers the points where the letters directly touch the wreath.
On a heat-safe surface, flip your letters so the back is facing up. Carefully add hot glue dots where you have made pen marks on the letters. Do not touch the metal tip of the glue gun to the sticker, which may cause it to melt.
Your hot glue will dry relatively fast, so you will need to do this next part quickly. Gently position the letters back on your wreath, gold side facing up. Before the glue dries, perfect your position exactly how you want and add a little pressure to the points where the glue meets the wreath.
Before unplugging your hot glue gun, you will need to take care of the spare string from steps one and three. Ensure that your knots are tied as tightly as possible and cut the remaining string just above the knot. Lightly brush a bit of hot glue across the edge of the knot where you have just made a cut. This will seal your knot and keep the ends from fraying and your knot from untying.
Allow the glue to fully dry before moving onto step six.

easy valentines wreath diy10

Almost done! The last step is to secure a hanger to the top of your wreath. You can be creative here, using multiple strands of your string, a single strand, or an alternative piece of ribbon (I found the scalloped gold trim at Target in the dollar section!). If you use a piece of string or twine, you can tie a simple knot or a bow, making the hanger loop as long or short as you would like. A ribbon would look pretty tied in a large bow. For the piece of trim I used, I hot glued one edge on top of the other and applied pressure until it was secure.
And that’s it! You’ve now made an easy ombré Valentine’s wreath to hang on your door and impress your roommate/significant other/Galentine’s party guests/cat! Look how crafty and seasonally decorative you are!
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