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It’s nearing the time of year when I get the most outfit help-related questions from friends, so I thought I’d put a little post together to see if I can help a lot of you at once (not that I ever mind shopping questions — bring ’em on!). It’s just that around the holidays, we tend to have similar events and circumstances we’re dressing for, and the options either seem few or limitless, depending on your level of shopping expertise.

For Spending the Holiday With Your Significant Other’s Family

This occasion calls for a seriously versatile outfit that meets several criteria: be modest enough to not potentially offend, find the casual balance between overdressed and frumpy, be comfortable and ready for unexpected family activities like running around with the family dogs/nephews. Plus, you don’t know how cold or hot their family will keep the temperature, so having layers is key. 
I love the idea of a long cardigan, so you feel plenty covered, in a fun texture or print. For the top, choose a blouse that is a step up from tee shirt — some nice detailing and an elevated silhouette goes a long way. I like this embroidered peplum because it’s sure to hide any food baby that may arise. Pull on your favorite pair of stretchy jeans or jeggings and you’re good to go!
For shoes, I recommend a pair of flat boots (just in case you end up in a major game of family hide and seek), like this cute Chelsea pair. An awesome tip I learned from Fran recently: either wear shoes that you’ll wear socks with or bring an extra pair if you wear flats. Some families leave their shoes at the door, and being barefoot all day can be a little uncomfortable (and possibly chilly!).

holiday at significant others family

For Cozy Christmas Brunch

Is Christmas brunch a thing? As a lifelong Chanukah celebrator, I’m still a little new to Christmas traditions and how the festivities go down. In case it is, or in case your family does a similarly cozy event on the big day, this outfit is for you. At some point, I must assume you change out of your Christmas jammies, and this outfit seems like the perfect replacement: festive, cozy, with just a touch of holiday sparkle.
If you’re staying home for the day, there’s really no reason to put real pants on, which means ponte pants or equally thick leggings are a total go. Still, you may want to feel a little more covered, making this a great time to try a longline vest over your favorite flannel shirt. You’re free roll up your sleeves to make pancakes, but look more together than your usual weekend-at-home uniform of an oversized shirt and leggings. Punctuate the outfit with glittery flats and a pair of sparkly studs. If you can’t tell, I pretty much think a little shimmer is required for the holidays.

christmas brunch

For Chrismakkah Dinner with Friends

While the other two outfits here are focused on comfort and family appropriateness, this outfit is all about personal style and getting dressed up with your friends for a fun occasion. Bring on the trends: velvet, choker necklaces, sparkly shoes, and even sparklier tights are all perfect choices for your Friendsmas or Festival of Lights among friends! Pour yourself a glass of Prossecco and toast to your killer holiday ensemble.
If I’m being honest here, I might need to throw a Chrismakkah dinner just so I can rock this outfit. What do you think?

friendmas outfit

What do your holiday plans look like this year? Do you have an outfit picked out yet? I’m excited to know what you’ll wear to celebrate!

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