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Time for the last budgeting bloggers update of 2016! I didn’t necessarily go into this month intending not to shop, but once I really got into gift shopping for my loved ones, I realized that I couldn’t do both. I way overspent any gifting budget I would have set, but I was so happy to shower my people in thoughtful, locally-purchased gifts this year. Loving on my friends and supporting small businesses? It was almost like buying a ton of stuff for myself with how happy I’ve been! That said, this month’s budget update is pretty tame.

What I Bought:

Grey Plaid Coat from Beehive Boutique – $65 (originally $82) (worn here)
Packed Party The Everything Pouch – $18 (originally $22) (worn here)

Total Spent: $83

Total Earned on Poshmark: $23

Budget Spent: $60 (out of monthly $250)

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, then you might know that I buy myself a new coat every year. I usually put quite a bit of thought into it, which I hadn’t done yet this season. Then I was at an event celebrating my girl Daisy Natives at local boutique Beehive when I saw it. The perfect grey and white plaid coat, just hanging on a rack, waiting for me to try it on. I put it on no fewer than five times, and ended up just wearing it around the store making sure it was the one. I must have made a great choice because I’ve worn it every day that it’s been cold enough since!

At the same event, Packed Party released The Everything Pouch, which I obviously had to bring home with me. This event was at the very beginning of December, and I didn’t do any other shopping for myself for the rest of the month! I’m hoping to do a shopping freeze in January, so I’m crossing my fingers that not shopping much in December doesn’t make me too grabby to do it. Upon writing this post, I’ve just ordered but not yet received this chambray dress from ASOS. It’ll hopefully arrive just in time for Nashville, so if it works out I’ll post about it in January!

What I Received:

One of my closet goals this year was to finally have a pair of boots and a purse with matching leather. This is one of those things Fran is excellent at, but that I somehow never could get right. When shopping from two different brands, matching leathers — especially in a cognac shade — is actually rather difficult. There are so many shades of cognac, y’all! But I finally nailed it thanks to Shopbop.
First I decided on the Sam Edelman Penny boots. I desperately needed to replace my Chinese Laundry over-the-knee boots (last seen here), and knew I wanted a classic riding pair this time around. Once I decided on the Pennys, I searched for brown leather purses and pulled up every tab I was interested in, comparing the color of each to the boots in another tab. The Frye Claude Saddle Bag has a similarly classic look to the Pennys, while being a great bag for every season. It was the right size, has gold hardware, and will last me probably the rest of my life. I got really lucky that the two match as well in person as online, because product image colors can be a different as browns leathers.
I’m super excited that I got both before our Nashville trip — both are perfect for traveling and for days exploring a new city!
what i bought december
Frye Claude Saddle Bag c/o Shopbop
Sam Edelman Penny Boots c/o Shopbop

Being that this is the last budget update of the year, I figured it would be a good time to review my purchases and reflect on my 2016 budget. For some background, last year, I was writing budget updates without keeping an actual budget just to see about what I spent. I only tracked for seven months in 2015, but estimated based on those months that I probably spent about $2,800 on clothes last year. My initial goal was to spend around $2,000 in 2016, which I set out to do with a quarterly budget of $500.

At the end of August, I decided to adjust my budget and switch to a $250 monthly budget. This was SUCH a good choice for me. The quarterly budget didn’t work because I wasn’t actually budgeting, I was just spending with hopes that I wouldn’t want to spend the next month, which was absolutely silly. $250 a month is a generous budget, though one that I can actually afford if I were to spend it every month. Because there’s some padding in there, I don’t feel the need to spend my entire budget each month. I buy what I really want without giving myself this unattainable goal that ultimately was causing me to overspend and then feel sad. Being sad only makes me shop more in an attempt to be happy again, so it was an endless cycle of overspending.
So, how much did I spend in 2016?

Yearly Total Spent: $2,273.04

Considering my goal was to spend $2000 and I didn’t really have any budgeting experience, I am stoked at how close I came! It’s very clear to me what my worst/most impulsive purchases of the year are, and had I not made them, I would actually be just about at $2000. (The two main culprits were the J.Crew midi dress I bought in June and proceeded to sell on Poshmark for like half what I spent on it and the Ann Taylor yellow floral lace skirt that I bought in March. Both were impulse purchases that didn’t fit my lifestyle and that put me over my budget in their respective months.) 

Deciding on my favorite purchases of the year is just too hard. I shopped so much smarter in 2016 and nearly everything I bought has been well-loved and worn often. Stay tuned for my favorite outfits of 2016 post where you’ll most definitely be able to tell which buys were the best this year!

As always, I’m linking up with Fran and the budgeting bloggers. If you’ve thought about tracking your shopping and spending, now is such a great time to get involved with this awesome link-up and group of women. Set a monthly, quarterly, or yearly budget for 2017 and join us in January!
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