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Goodness, I think narrowing down my favorite outfits of 2016 has been harder than any year before! I had more fun with my style this year, really figuring out what I liked and trying fun combinations. I certainly didn’t shy away from color, and I tried to balance trends with unexpected styling choices. 

Looking back on the outfits I blogged, there are a few things I notice when considering my favorites: where did I wear the outfit and did I have a blast there? Do I feel pretty in the photos/did it photograph well? Did I wear the outfit more than once? Did I do something particularly interesting?With all of that in mind, here are my 12 favorite outfits of 2017 (in order of appearance on the blog).


Because I think it’s interesting, I looked into my analytics to see which outfits actually performed the best. This outfit, which is rather boring but was something I wore at least once a week for probably six months, is the highest-viewed from the year. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me, especially being that most people are looking for ways to make fashion easy when looking to blogs for inspiration. Hopefully some people who pinned that one stuck around to get inspired by my more interesting looks!
My second highest-viewed outfit is this one, which I think had more to do with the subject matter — body positivity and spanx — than the actual outfit. I did actually wear this one a ton as well, so maybe it falls into the easily recreated category too. Numbers three and four were both on my own list, which is validating at least! My fifth most popular outfit almost made my list, so I totally understand why it’s a well-loved one.
As far as style goals in 2017, I want to play around with accessories more, pull the trigger on those pieces I’ve always wanted (like the chambray dress I’m waiting to arrive), and put more thought into fit. Most of all, I want to support more indie businesses than ever before and keep growing my vintage collection. I get so much joy from wearing items where my purchase supported an awesome shop owner, and I love sharing those shops with you here.

Which are your favorites? Do you have any style goals for 2017?

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