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Goodness! Can you believe this is the next to the last goal post of the year? Weren’t we just celebrating Valentine’s Day, like, last week? No, it’s been eight months since then? Weird. Anyway, October was such a busy month, and November’s agenda is already nearly booked up! I ended up not having as much time to put towards my goals as I anticipated, but let’s see what I got done.

1. make my workspace more ergonomic | done-ish! So far I’ve only bought a new mouse and started using a program called RSI Guard to help reduce strain, but it’s already helped a ton! This one is going to be a long process because things that are ergonomic are also pricey!
2. do interval exercises 4x a week | noooooope. And I can tell you exactly why not: I didn’t do any planning around this goal before October started. Then, day one, I didn’t know what exercises to do, so I just never did. You’ll see how I’m fixing that in November!
3. plan a vacation | well, I was going to say no, because it’s not an immediate vacation, but I’ve actually been planning a vacation with a couple of girlfriends for next spring. So that totally counts and I’m taking this one! Also, Dago and I are in talks to go somewhere for New Year’s. It may not be planned yet, but we’re planning to plan it.
4. up my Instagram game | done! Some of you asked last month what this entails, and for me it mostly has to do with posting more often. I sometimes fall out of the habit of taking photos, so my whole feed becomes outfit pics that Chelsea took. Obvi I love those photos, but I want my Instagram to be more than a way to direct traffic here. I don’t consider myself a photographer by any means, but I enjoy snapping little moments throughout my week and staging photos. And it worked! I’d been stuck at ~4600 followers for a few months now, and my effort paid off (well, and ModCloth may have regrammed me…) — I finally hit 5k!
5. write something for another publication | ughhhhh fail. I tried, y’all! I was just so tired of writing after work all day + blogging in the evening. I’m still working on a couple of things for Heart Mag, but I just didn’t have the energy to put into them in October.
Sort of 3 out of 5? Even a few months ago, it would make my stomach hurt to think about achieving so few of my goals. Now? I’m able to look at the month I just completed and see that I did a whole lot, and not feel bad about the things that didn’t make it to the top of my to-do list.
So what will I be up to in November?

1. get a membership at the YMCA | I had this major realization the other day that I don’t have to be healthy alone. Everything else I do in life is so in tune with sisterhood, so why shouldn’t that be true for taking care of myself? Fitness and health have always been an isolating experience for me, so I’m excited to try it as a team.
2. dive into Own Your Why | On Saturday I took an eight-hour intensive with creative coach Maggie Miller. I’ve run this blog for over five years, but have never really thought of it as a business. It was awesome getting an outside perspective on what I do here and taking the time to consider the value in the work I put in. I learned so much and I’m excited to start putting things into action!
3. be better about responding to emails | If there’s one thing I consistently kind of suck at, it’s email. This didn’t used to be the case, but then I didn’t get nearly the number of contacts as I do these days. I think my big problem is that I don’t want to respond while I’m at work, and then I’m too lazy during “blog time” in the evening. I think writing a couple of template emails may be helpful in getting the bulk of them out of the way so I can focus on the important ones!
4. cook a new dish for Thanksgiving | I’m not sure what yet, but I’m very excited to do some research (aka Pinterest).
5. one computer-free night a week | I’ve set this goal before, but I have a feeling I’m going to need it this month!

I’m excited for the busy month ahead, which would be perfectly punctuated by some cooler fall weather, don’t you think? Crossing my fingers that Austin gets the message here soon!

As always, I love giving y’all a place to link-up with your goals too! Be sure to link back here in your blog post and check out the other awesome goals being set this month!

P.S. I hope one of your goals for November is to vote tomorrow if you haven’t already!
P.P.S. You can sign up for the e-course version of Own Your Why using my referral code: NICOLES. Tickets go on sale November 26-December 18 for the 5-week course that begins on January 9! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!
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