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5 tips for working from home

5 tips for working from home

This post is sponsored by Favor, though all opinions are my own!

Since starting to work from home in July, I’ve had some questions in goal posts + on Instagram about what I’ve learned so far and tips for making it work. There are tons of tips out there, from the importance getting dressed every day to ways to avoid allowing work to take over your home, but these are my own best practices so far based on my experience!

1. Have a dedicated workspace. All these years of blogging and I never had a desk. Well, I had one, but it was covered in piles of stuff and I definitely didn’t work at it. When I started working from home, step one was creating a dedicated place for me to work every day. I have a two desk set-up (an L-shape) in our kitchen, placed in front of a big window. The natural light helps me feel creative and productive, and I know that when I sit down at my desk, I’m ready to work. Once my work day is over, I don’t even acknowledge my desk for the rest of the night.
2. Make two to-do lists. Raise your hand if you’re bad at taking breaks during the day. Just me? Okay, well in case I’m not alone here, this tip is for you. I’ve found that having a work to-do list and a home/life to-do list gives me a reason to step away from the computer and stretch my legs while also keeping our apartment somewhat in order. On Monday I’ll do some laundry, Tuesday I’ll catch up with dishes, Wednesday I vacuum and sweep, Thursday I water the plants, etc. Both my apartment and my body thank me for not staying put in my chair all day, and I like that these chores don’t take me too out of the zone while I’m working.
3. Put on deodorant. This may sound like a no-duh, but I can’t tell you how many times 3 PM has rolled around and I surprised myself with how bad I smelled. Just saying, make deodorant a part of your work from home routine!
4. Don’t let choosing your ambiance take up too much time. One of the things I struggled with the most when I started working from home was wasting time choosing just the right background noise. Having a few go-to albums (Joseph’s “I’m Alone No You’re Not” and Pinegrove’s “Cardinal“) or playlists (I love the US and UK #ThrowbackThursday playlists and my Daily Mixes!) on Spotify that I can set and forget keeps me from falling into a rabbit hole of options. If I’m going to turn on the TV while I work, it’s best that I marathon something like America’s Next Top Model or RuPaul’s Drag Race that doesn’t require my attention to follow a plotline. Plus, it can play and play without my having to pick something new when an episode ends.
5. Order your lunch in with Favor. The thing I was most worried about with working from home was having to stop and make lunch. Y’all know I’m not exactly proficient in the kitchen, and I was wasting way too much energy deciding what I wanted, what I had in the house, and then actually preparing it. Meal planning my dinners is enough of an endeavor every week without having to add another set of meals on top of it. Enter Favor, who will bring me a salad, sandwich, smoothie, or anything else my heart desires at the click of an app. 
We started using Favor when Dago was injured, and now the service is a part of my weekly routine. If I’m not sure what I’m hungry for (pretty much always), I can take a scroll through the Spotlight or Discover options, or check out the menus of my favorite places. I can track the runner of my Favor as they call in, pick up, and deliver my order, while sending them encouraging texts along the way (though Dago says I need to cool it on the emojis). Even if you’re a meal planning beast, Favor is a great convenience for those deadline days when your whole to-do list is filled with top priority items and you just don’t have a chance to step away.
Because I love Favor so much, I wanted to be sure y’all could give it a try. Use code WLAG5 for $5 off your Favor order, whether you’re getting lunch delivered as you work from home or you get exactly what you’re craving brought right to your door for dinner!

What are your best tips for working from home? I’m always looking for new recommendations!

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