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Six months ago, I was eating pizza and ice cream to celebrate my twenty-sixth birthday with my newly-injured boyfriend and a bunch of my lovely friends. I optimistically set 27 new goals, hoping that instead of life getting in the way of doing the things I wanted, life would just become the things I wanted.
If I’m being honest, this year has been exceptionally hard. Hard in new and unexpected ways. I’ve had the kind of growing pains that only come with having to get through stuff you can’t or don’t plan for, knowing there’s got to be a light at the other end. I did some serious emotional growing that wasn’t exactly on my to-do list, and I’m better for it. But that doesn’t mean that some things from my standing to-do list weren’t put on the back-burner or sacrificed altogether.
This is how I’ve learned, over the years, to be flexible with my goals. Goals change as we realize we want or need different things, and as life throws new challenges and blessings our way. Like clockwork, when my birthday rolls around each year, I look at these bucket list goals and try to remember the person I was when I wanted certain things. I then look forward, trying to predict what things I’ll want next. Life is funny that way, that you really can’t pretend to know what life you’ll live too far in the future.
I’m getting a little too far into musing territory as I write this on Sunday evening. I’m trying to reconcile the sadness I felt when I saw how few goals I’d accomplished since May with the fact that this year hasn’t exactly made it easy to work towards achieving much beyond making it to the end of each week. Certain goals have had to change; I stopped keeping fresh flowers in the house when I stopped going to the grocery store (read about that here), but I bought several faux blooms that I display around the apartment. Others were postponed; going to the beach was just not in the cards during summer of 2016, but hopefully I can make it in the next six months.
I do have some fun things in the pipe for the coming months that I couldn’t mark off just yet! I did cross out renting an AirBnB with Dago because it’s technically booked, but Dago and I will be heading to Nashville for New Year’s and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I’m also planning to finally get my next tattoo in either December or January, budget depending. I had actually forgotten that I set out to find speaking opportunities, but this desire has been reignited recently and is at the forefront of my planning for 2017.
I’m definitely glad that I did this half-birthday check-in, because there are way too many goals I forgot I even set! Here’s to doing my best and kicking butt in the next six months!
P.S. Check out my tips for creating your own birthday bucket list!
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  • The holidays are a great time to try those 5 new recipes 🙂 And OMG I need to add “see the best picture nominees” to a goal list of mine – I never get around to seeing more than maybe 1-2 prior to award season, and then I always forget afterwards to go back and watch the nominees I hadn’t gotten to yet! Just setting goals like this is so huge, even if you only mark half of them off!! 🙂

  • Jen

    I think you’re doing great! If I were you I would totally give yourself credit for 01–you had a reason for setting it and a reason for not fully achieving it, and you made a compromise. That counts! Based on your monthly goals, it seems like you’ll definitely get to a few of these, like attending a workout class. For 21, I used to use ingdirect, which was bought out buy Capital One, but anyway…if you use a separate online bank for savings, you can have even a small amount pulled out at the same time every month, say $20, and then you’re saving toward a goal without even thinking about it, and you forget the money is there so you’re not tempted to lean on it in tight months. I try to have mine pulled out on payday when my pay schedule allows, so I don’t even think about that money as part of my monthly budget. You won’t save big money without being more intentional about it, but it’s a way to get started and cross off a goal!

  • Marion

    I always love your goal posts! Just the fact that you make yearly goal lists. I honestly wouldn’t know where to start, especially if I had to come up with 28 for my age. As for your goals, life happens and everyone knows it. The good thing about all of your cooking related goals (9-12) is the potential for overlap. And I agree with Jen on marking out #1, you did it for a bit and have a completely legitimate reasons for no longer continuing. And seasonal faux flower arrangements can be just as fun and beautiful! 😀

  • Lisa

    I feel the same way about the last (at least) two years, to be totally honest. Looking at the lists I’ve made at the beginning of the past couple years can be pretty depressing. But really, getting through the scenarios you don’t expect can be some of the most difficult and time consuming things to manage, and just totally throw everything else off. But I inevitably end up doing some pretty cool things I didn’t expect to anyway, so maybe it all comes out in the wash!

    Happy half birthday! xo

  • Harper Yi

    Oooh girl I should do this. Happy Half birthday! I also wanna keep fresh flowers but honestly I don’t think my roommate and I are doing the best job of housekeeping at the moment so I can’t justify the splurge. I legit gave up on doing laundry this week like I planned because “I didn’t wanna.” Lmao November has made me cranky! 2016 has made me cranky. Hey, you should reach for a speaking engagement in NY so u can visit me and we can all eat food 🙂

  • This idea is super cute – I’m about to turn 28 but maybe I need to do a top 30 before 30 post!!! 😀