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Happy October! The weather has finally cooled down a little here in Austin (at least in the mornings and evenings!) and I’ve got that cozy feeling. However, I’m not going to let myself go into hibernation because I’ve got a busy month ahead. I’ve got some friends visiting, lots of work to do, and, of course, goals to meet! Plus — big news — DAGO IS DRIVING AGAIN! Which means my day-to-day is going to change quite a bit as I figure out my new normal working from home without leaving twice a day to drop him off/pick him up from work.
Before I get into what’s on my plate in October, here’s how September went:

1. get our apartment in order | done! Not only did I get some major cleaning and organizing done, but I did a little bit of decorating that I’m super excited about! My place has terrible light, otherwise I’d do a post on it, but I may share some snaps on Instagram soon!
2. say “yes” more | done! I definitely didn’t say yes to everything, but I made an effort to get out of my comfort zone (and house). Looking forward to some coffee + dinner dates scheduled for October too!
3. send some snail mail | nope, fail. I sent a lot of mail this month, but it was entirely related to my next goal. 
4. do a fall closet clean out + sell some clothes | done! Turns out I have a pretty successful Poshmark business! As you may have read in last week’s budget update, I earned a little over $150 in September. I took a ton of stuff out of my closet last month, two bags of which went to Savers and a big ole bag is slowly being listed on my Poshmark account. Dropping my prices and sharing my listings regularly made all the difference.
5. write stuff down | done! I didn’t make as many lists as I meant to, but I definitely took more handwritten notes because of this goal. It was good to put pen to paper and get my wheels turning!
4/5! That’s better than I thought for such a busy month (do I sound like a broken record?). Here’s hoping I get at least as many goals accomplished in October!
1. make my workspace more ergonomic | I’ve been experiencing some awful carpal tunnel/repetitive stress injury pain, being that I’m on the computer upwards of 12 hours a day between work and blogging. I did some research at the end of September and want to start implementing more ergonomics into my work flow. If you have any recommendations (especially for chairs that won’t break the bank), I’d love to hear!
2. do interval exercises 4x a week | Part of shaking up my work flow this month includes taking breaks and getting active. I hope to come up with a little interval I can do (inspired by this – excuse the tacky ~get fit~ pin) to get away from my desk for a bit in the middle of the day.
3. plan a vacation | Since Dago will be driving this month, it’s finally time for me to get out of town! I’m hoping to take a quick girl’s trip to the coast before it gets too cold, but if not I’d be happy planning a trip for me and Dago to take sometime before the end of the year.
4. up my Instagram game | I’m not sure if it’s the algorithm or me taking less photos due to a busy few months, but I’ve hit a plateau on Instagram. Last time I made an Insta-related goal, I saw great improvement, so I’m hoping to get the numbers moving again this month.
5. write something for another publication | Specifically, I’d love to get something really wonderful written for The Heart Mag this month!

What are you working towards this month? Leave a comment or join the link-up below (and be sure to link back here so your readers can find more monthly small goal inspiration!).

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