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Who’s ready for a quick distraction from the election? Because obviously you’re all going to vote (hopefully even early!), so we don’t have to talk about it here? Right? Okay good. Onto the links!

This sweet blogger lost her home, cat, and livelihood (she ran a vintage shop on Etsy) in a fire. Her story is devastating and could happen to anyone. Please consider giving if you have the means.

A dear friend of mine wrote something about the importance of showing up and sharing, inspired by my post from earlier this week.

General alert (because no one alerted me): Nordstrom carries J.Crew now! First on my list is this striped turtleneck.

The funniest thing I’ve read this week.

Fall outfit inspiration on Sarah, Alena (I maaay have bought that purse…), Daphne, Chelsea, Molly, and Rachel.

My favorite installment yet in Chelsea’s Normal Girl’s Guide to Freelance.

Have you heard about the new Instagram feature yet? Now if only Twitter would step up and take care of its users.

A reminder to invest in yourself.

Love this roundup of budget-friendly bloggers. Some of my favs made the list!

I shared this on my Facebook this week, but thought you deserved to read about a little goodness in the world too.

The wallpaper inspiration you’ve all been looking for (or is that just me?).

Real talk: why millennial women are burning out.

A wishlist for the weekend: this cat turtleneck, these disco-themed sweats, this ruffled button down, this colorful sweater, and these booties.

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