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CELEBRATING | So many things, actually! Currently the fact that one of my favorite Internet friends is coming to visit for the weekend! I’m taking a half-day from work so I can show her some of my favorite Austin things. Vintage shopping, tacos, and murals of ATX — here we come!
READING | I’m finally more than half-way through Furiously Happy! Now that Dago is driving, I don’t have to take him to physical therapy anymore, which is where I was getting my reading in. Now I’ve been reading before bed and it’s honestly so nice to unplug a bit (especially from election-related posts…). I promise I’ve only woken Dago up once or twice with my giggling 😉
WATCHING | Oh goodness, what am I not watching? How To Get Away With Murder has been so good this season! We watched all of Luke Cage a couple of weekends ago and I’m already wanting more. Is anyone watching Designated Survivor? I was skeptical, but it’s just the right amount of cheesy family drama meets political thriller. I’m very into it!
LISTENING | Have y’all heard of Joseph yet? I listen to their album I’m Alone, No You’re Not at least once a day. Three sisters from Portland with with incredible voices? Yes please!

OBSESSING | Last night I went to a party at one of the new Warby Parker stores in Austin and got to play dress up for a couple of hours. As soon as I walked in, I spotted the new frames for the Leith collection. I love the Zelda glasses more than anything I’ve ever tried on, y’all. All the Warby shop people were surprised at how great they look on me, because apparently they’re a little tough to pull off. I think that’s even more of a reason that I need them, right?

WONDERING | I had a dream this week that I had a personal trainer. And now…I’m kind of wondering if that’s something I should look into? How do you find a personal trainer? I’ve never really “worked out,” so I’d need someone who works with beginners. Someone body positive. Someone really nice and who maybe likes cats? (I made “cat person” one of my criteria when I was looking for a therapist and it worked out really well for me. It’s a good personality gauge!)
SHOPPING | I ended up on the H&M site on accident last night and now I really want to go later this weekend. SO many good prints and shapes! I want to try and find this sweater, this cat dress ($9!!), this mini skirt that would be real cute with tights, this silver skirt, and this bow blouse. Kind of all over the place, but that’s H&M (and me) for you. Interested in seeing what works!

What’s been up in your life lately?

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