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Something you may not know about me — I love writing magazine-style quizzes! I’ve been known to write them for friends deciding where to eat on their birthday, what to do on a first date, etc. Somehow, I’ve never written a quiz for my blog! At midnight last Thursday, I decided it was time (like, immediately), so I whipped this one up for y’all to enjoy.
I spend a lot of time thinking about the colors in my closet. The colors I can pair mix and match, the colors I wear during different seasons, and, of course, my signature color. As I’m sure you’ve begun your fall shopping, I thought it’d be fun to guide your closet journey for the season with your own signature color for fall. Since, you know, I’m the expert on that sort of thing.
Ready, set, quiz! You’ll want to jot down the letter of each answer as you go!

1. You’re at Sunday brunch with your girlfriends. What do you order?

a. Black coffee and Eggs Benedict
b. Latte and the Breakfast Platter
c. Grapefruit mimosa and the pancake of the day
d. Hot chocolate and French Toast

2. You’re headed to the movies to see that thing you loved the previews for. What is it?
a. The newest Marvel movie. You only get the full effect if you see them in theatres!
b. An Oscar-nominated film — you’re trying to see them all this year!
c. Something indie and a little kooky that most of your friends haven’t heard of
d. A rom com that you swear is more “com” than “rom,” but you’ll probably cry anyway

3. What’s your favorite thing about fall?
a. It’s not a billion degrees outside
b. Sweaters, scarves, and booties
c. Drinking tea and reading in coffee shops on the weekend
d. Seasonal-scented candles and flavored beverages

4. Some may say you’re too old for it, but you’re not ready to give up Halloween costumes. What are you going as this year?
a. Stevie Nicks
b. A literary character
c. Your pet
d. A couple’s costume with your best friend/partner

5. It’s still a little ways away, but surely you’ve got a few things on your Christmas list already. Spill!
a. Korean sheet masks, an Anthropologie gift card, and lace-up flats
b. A cookbook, a J.Crew coat, and New Balance sneakers
c. A vintage Coach purse, a fiddle leaf fig tree, and flair for your denim jacket
d. A fancy planner, a pair of over-the-knee boots, and cozy microfiber robe

6. You’re all about making your workspace your own. What’s on your desk to help get the creative juices flowing?
a. An assortment of crystals
b. A candle or two and a cute tumbler for water
c. Your succulent Gertrude the Third (you prefer not to talk about the First and Second)
d. An enviable collection matching of note cards, post-its, and paperclips

7. Which Spotify playlist gets the most spins?
a. Women of Indie
b. Afternoon Acoustic
c. #ThrowbackThursday
d. Pop Chillout

Time to calculate your answers!

Mostly A’s: Burgundy

The cooler weather (and the coming of Hallow’s Eve) always brings out your witchy side. You recently got into reading tarot or using crystals to help you feel more centered in your every day life. You aren’t afraid to wear dark, vampy lipstick all year ’round and you’ve been told more than once that you could stand to wear a little more color. You know what goes great with black? Burgundy! A pair of amazing burgundy booties or flats are the perfect pop of color with your favorite black skinnies. Your love for a good (vegan!) leather jacket knows no bounds, so try a burgundy one this season for a fun alternative.
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Mostly B’s: Navy

You’re as classic as they come, but you’re far from boring. Rather than chasing fads, you find inspiration in the timeless: re-reading Jane Austen, admiring fashion icons like Jackie O, and enjoying the finer things in life. Your cart on j.crew.com is perpetually full and your friends have all been lectured on the importance of investment pieces. You’ve already got a traditional trench coat and booties in camel, so give navy a spin this season — you won’t regret it! A pop of navy will fit right in with your closet of neutrals, and I bet you’ll find yourself reaching for the blue hues more than you think when layering over your coziest sweaters for fall activities.
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Mostly C’s: Olive

You’re a restless soul with a magpie’s heart. You never met a funky piece of vintage jewelry you couldn’t style, and your weekends are spent scouring secondhand book stores, and antique shops. You’ve curated your home with interesting pieces and pride yourself on an eclectic approach to fashion, not labeling yourself as any one style. The color olive speaks to your unique sensibilities. As you begin collecting items from your wishlist, opt for this out-of-the-box color, and your friends will once again be wowed with your ability to “make anything work.” An olive hat or pair of shoes will go with anything you’d usually wear with black or brown, and a statement piece like a midi skirt or jacket gives an unexpected flair to any outfit.
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Mostly D’s: Blush

Feminine details tickle your fancy and you know that fresh flowers are the key to a happier life. You surround yourself with beautiful things, and your closet is no exception. Your friends can always count on you to have a special occasion dress at the ready and you love receiving compliments on your signature scent. A shade of pink may seem like a no-brainer as your signature color, as you’ve been buying notepads and lipstick in the color forever. The best way to add blush to your closet this season is to play with the volume. Wear just a bit of blush, perhaps a pair of sneakers or a purse, for a subtly feminine addition to your everyday outfit, or make a big romantic gesture in a blush bomber jacket or pair of cords. If your loudmouth coworker starts calling you “princess,” just take it as motivation to remind him how much you rule.
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How’d you do? I’m always curious to hear people’s results! Also, did you like this quiz? Should I do more of them? Basically, tell me all the things.

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