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September is all things pumpkin spice, wearing boots when it’s not actually cold, and starting to plan for the end of the year. Something about these last few months always gets me dreaming, which in turn gets me goal setting. Luckily for me, I’ve been known to do a little goal setting here and there! Before we get into what I’m up to this month, here’s a look at how I did in August.

1. get a massage | done! I went for an 80 minute Swedish massage this time (last time I only did 50) and it was exactly what I needed!
2. make an eye appointment | With taking Dago to physical therapy twice a week, I just didn’t find the time. But, I extra need to go — my eyesight has been terrible lately!
3. start a book | done! You can read a little about what I’m reading here!
4. send 3 pitch emails | I sent 2/3! I’ve been so excited to share my experience with Instacart with you, which I did here, and I’ve got another collab I’m cookin’ up. I did a lot of thinking this month about the kind of blogging I want to do, which, it turns out, was really the deeper aim at this goal.
5. figure out a new remote working routine | done(ish)! I admitted last month that this would be an ever-changing process, but I did figure out a routine that works right now! I’ve been working from home on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and then co-working out of the house on Tuesdays and Thursdays after about noon. So far, the reason has been that I have to go pick up Dago for PT and this way I don’t get stuck in traffic coming from our place, but it’s also nice to shake things up a couple times a week.
Almost-four out of five ain’t bad for such a busy month! I’ll admit, usually I’ve thought through my goals for the next month by the time I write this post, but September totally snuck up on me! Here’s what I’ve come up with for the month ahead:
1. get our apartment in order | Oof, our place is a mess. I’ve gotten laundry/dishes/trash under control, but the overall build-up of things like piles of clothes and unswept floors has gotten out of hand.
2. say “yes” more | I’ve gotten quite good at saying “no.” I know that my time is precious, so I’m very careful with it. However, I think I’ve also turned into a little hermit crab and could stand to accept a few more coffee dates + social invites. I’ve also turned down plenty of opportunities out of fear (oh yeah, post coming soon on that!), and that’s not a great way to go through life. Here’s to saying yes!
3. send some snail mail | I don’t think I’ve sent any mail this year! I’ve been buying cards from The Paper + Craft Pantry, but haven’t actually send any of them. It’s definitely time!
4. do a fall closet clean out + sell some clothes | Poshmark hasn’t been all that successful for me, and I just don’t have the space to wait for my clothes to sell. I purchased from thredUP for the first time this past month, but don’t have any experience selling there. Do you? Trying to figure out if I should try that or my local Uptown Cheapskate!
5. write stuff down | I guess I’m feeling very analog this month, but I’ve been craving list-making, note-taking, and general putting-pen-to-papering. I recently bought a desk calendar to write my editorial calendar on, and I think picking up some pretty sticky notes and actually using my collection of journals.
Alright, those are my goals for September! What are you up to this month? Join the link-up below and make sure to tell your readers where to find all these awesome goals!

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