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shirt: J.Crew // overalls: H&M (wearing size 12) // clogs: Swedish Hasbeens (on sale!) c/o Shopbop // hat: Target // tote: Crybaby Girl Gang // brooch: jesiiii

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

I considered writing this entire post in all-caps, but decided that might deter you fro–GUYS I FINALLY FOUND OVERALLS AND I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER ABOUT IT! I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW MANY PAIRS I’VE TRIED ON, BOUGHT AND RETURNED. AHHHHH!
Whew, okay. Overalls, man. They make a girl do crazy things like blog in all-caps and dance in the streets. Truthfully, I can’t tell you a time when I wasn’t looking for overalls. The longer I’ve looked, the lower my odds seemed in finding a pair I really loved. I had a few specific pieces of criteria: they needed to be higher-waisted to fit at my natural waistline, the bib needed to not be too long as to not choke me, and the crotch needed to not sag. You would be shocked (or maybe you wouldn’t if you’re also on this journey) at HOW MANY overalls do not fit any of these criteria. Everywhere from Madewell to Target carries overalls these days, and I’ve lost count how many absolutely dreadful pairs I’ve tried on.
I was browsing the H&M site the other night when I decided to run a quick search to see if they might carry overalls. They were one of the only retailers I hadn’t tried, mostly because I’ve been pretty averse to shopping there since 2013 when I had an especially bad body experience in one of their dressing rooms. After a few redeeming pairs of shorts I found on a recent shopping trip, I decided to give them another chance to impress me. Well, consider me sold, because THEIR OVERALLS FIT ME LIKE A GLOVE.
I have to say, I don’t see a lot of girls with curves rocking to overalls trend, and I think it’s because they’re currently designed to fit in this loosey-goosey, waif-like style that doesn’t touch your body; the garment should simply hang overall your shoulders with the two straps, floating away from your form as they make their way down. What I love most about this pair of overalls is that they make me look like a curvy queen. Dago has complimented my backside no fewer than four times while wearing these overalls. And I don’t blame him! My body looks bangin’ in them!
So, thanks H&M for coming through for me again. Though, it’d be tight if you maybe had a larger range of sizes, because this is your biggest pair of overalls and that’s just not fair to the women of the world. Everyone deserves to feel this fantastic in a pair of overalls! #shoppingtruths
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